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tayz  +   1153d ago
YESS!!! I WILL MOST DEF IMPORT THIS NOW!!! if it doesnt come to the US which i hope it will!!!
kingrj  +   1153d ago
Easily the best news of the month
tayz  +   1153d ago
EASILY! More than Pirate Warriors 2 and i want that game too!
crxss  +   1152d ago
lemme know when the reveal Naruto and Bleach characters
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DrRichtofen  +   1153d ago
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1153d ago
So glad Toriko in the game. I hope they have all the 4 heavenly kings.
tayz  +   1153d ago
wait wait? you said 4 and included Toriko!? who did you leave off? There is Naruto, Bleach, OP, and DBZ... the biggest and baddest 4 of all time!
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1153d ago
Oh im talking about Toriko since they got him i want them 2 add his 3 comrades. They are called the 4 heavenly kings all together.

From that image it seems like they are adding just about all current and past shounen jump. I really hope this comes to states. They usually have licensing issues when they want to release it worldwide. They better have like at least 30 characters.

I hope this game is cross-play i would love to be on vita playing console players.
tayz  +   1153d ago
Ohhh, lol, that makes sesne.

But 30!?! That's barely anything! It should be 30 per series. I don't know if Toriko has that, but DBZ and One Piece do.
hkgamer  +   1153d ago
are you talking about characters?
if so, than 30 is plenty enough. anymore would be ridiculous and probably unbalanced.
DarkBlood  +   1153d ago
well more is good considering how much more storage we have on disks these days otherwise it would seem quite silly to have larger capacity but this is on the vita so since its going to be the same im assuming 30 is pretty good on handheld standards

with that aside if its just 30 characters im guessing 10 from each
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RyuX19  +   1153d ago
I hope this comes out in America. There is like at least 1 One Piece game in America right? It came out pretty recently too right?
admiralvic  +   1153d ago
There are several, though Pirate Warriors did poorly sales wise in the US.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1153d ago
It probably did poorly because of it being digital only. Then again one piece is not super popular in the US thanks to 4kids.
DarkBlood  +   1153d ago
i might just get this game for dbz characters alone, i dont have much knowledge of other anime except a little bit of one piece back when it was still new ish on tv lol

i wonder how it will play though

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