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tayz  +   1090d ago
pure epicness!!
kingrj  +   1089d ago
Wow TOBI vs konan is playable!!??
tayz  +   1089d ago
DAMN STRAIGHT IT IS!!!!!!!!!!! hell freaking yeah!!!!! i've seen this 12 times already.. my gawd the EPICNESS!!
kingrj  +   1089d ago
Are ring outs optional? I see conditions
tayz  +   1089d ago
no they are mandatory. those conditions are for tournaments!
maximus1985  +   1089d ago
All jinchuriki hosts, experience scenes from the show like naruto meeting kushina, tobi vs Konan, itachi uchiha, Nagato red hair, previous kages, updated online, kurama mode, musou mode, dlc's for costumes, choices:legend or hero to experience the story in different ways guaranties replay....I can't wait anymore....I'm going to knock myself unconscious and wake up on march 5th
kingPoS  +   1088d ago
Absolutely Epic!

If it weren't for the last 28 seconds I would of thought it were an exceptionally long movie trailer.

Def grabbing the demo...

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