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D3acon  +   1146d ago
Tatsuhiro Satō

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koga88  +   1145d ago
Haha, I'm not a writer capable of creating something like that, but here is the story of Aikawa Ayumu trying to gather some last minute gift's for the various girls in his life.

Damn, not only did Haruna kick me for no reason this morning but thanks to Sera's cookies for santa managed to actually explode and destroy all the presents I bought for the girls. I'm going to need to pick up something last minute for these girls but what the world should I get?

Well, even though Eu can talk occasionally I have noticed that she is running low on notepads to write her notes on. Maybe I should get her some fancy girly paper to write on and a few more pens to write with. That would be at least decent enough to give her more options to work with, since she's so stoic and hard to shop for.

As for Haruna... who knows? I would really love to give her her magical powers back but I have no way to do that yet. Perhaps I should give her some more t-shirts since that seems to be the only thing she actually wears around the house. That would at least help a bit, though pants may be better for her...

As for Seras... a cook book. Definitely a cook book. I may be a zombie but eating all of that terrible food every time is going to kill me for good one of these days. I'm going to have a giant hole in the bottom of my stomach after a few more times.

Yuki absolutely adored that ring I gave her before, so maybe she would like some more jewelry? There is a cheap but fancy looking shop over there so I can pick her up a necklace that matches that ring of hers and hopefully she'll like it.

Now for Saras... I absolutely refuse to have her take a picture of my butt no matter how much she happens to love it. Hell for her buying myself some jeans would be the best gift for her but that is not happening. However she is so angry at times that is the only thing I can think of, maybe I'll just go on a date with her for New Years instead and spend some time with her. That'll work.

Now hopefully they'll enjoy these gifts and I won't be cut in half, melted or destroyed in some other horrible way once Christmas Day comes tomorrow.

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