Isshuukan Friends. Too Cute. Too Brilliant.

48m ago - Aside from the sequels of Mushishi and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (which have been stellar as expec... | Industry

Majin Bone Episode 2 Impressions | Capsule Computers

5h ago - Luke Halliday writes: "Kamen Riders, digital battlegrounds, alien invaders, yapping pooches, a... | Anime

Death Note and Dr. Faustus: Transgression, Fate, and Religion’s Influences

13h ago - An analysis of a 16th century play and an anime and how they reflect changes in society's percept... | Anime

Let's Watch Nisekoi / Best Moments

20h ago - The latest anime I've begun watching is Nisekoi, which first aired in January 2014. After watchin... | Anime

Enter to Win a PS4 and More!

Now - We are buying one lucky N4Ger a PS4 just for commenting on any N4G story! | Promoted post

Episode 2 Impressions: One Week Friends | Otaku Spirit

23h ago - Another week passes and with it comes another heart tugging episode of One Week Friends. When las... | Anime

First Impressions: Mekaku City Actors and Akuma no Riddle [Heartless Aniblog]

23h ago - In order to try and make up for my lateness, I felt it would be best to start doubling my first i... | Anime

Attack on Titan and the State of Toonami

1d 1h ago - Moar Powah's Inverseman discusses Attack on Titan's place on Toonami, what will ensue for the blo... | Anime

First Impressions: Baby Steps

1d 4h ago - Japanator: "I really wish I was good at tennis. It's really the only professional sport that I ha... | Anime

The Top Ten Anime of 2013

1d 8h ago - Frank lists his ten favorite anime of 2013. | Anime

Winter 2014 Anime Season: A Samurai Retrospective

1d 13h ago - Cajun Samurai of Sofa King News writes: "I’m going to give you my personal breakdown of several s... | Anime

Final Impressions: Saki: The Nationals

1d 17h ago - The final episode of Saki: The Nationals doesn't really feature much in terms of climatic wrap-up... | Anime

Annotated Anime: The Irregular at Magic High School Ep 2

1d 17h ago - Japanator: "When I wrote my First Impressions for the first episode for Irregular at Magic High S... | Anime

Five Must-See Anime Series Currently Streaming on Netflix

1d 20h ago - Nick Verboon of Unreality writes: "With Netflix creeping closer to replacing cable television and... | Anime

Pupa is the Worst Anime I Have Ever Seen

1d 22h ago - Marow of Anime Viking writes: "When I first heard of Pupa, it seemed rather interesting and wort... | Anime

Mekakucity Actors Episode 1 - Shinbo Presents: Clippy! Wait, What?!

1d 22h ago - Another entry in my note-taking and thought-jotting series of posts on currently running shows. T... | Anime

No Game, No Life Episode 1 - Impressions and Notes

1d 22h ago - Another entry in my note-taking and thought-jotting series of posts on currently running shows. T... | Anime

Black Bullet Episode 1 - Abandon Grimdark, Obtain Loli Comedy.

1d 22h ago - Another entry in my note-taking and thought-jotting series of posts on currently running shows. T... | Anime

Naruto 673 – Naruto vs Madara: The Most Awaited Battle Begins

1d 23h ago - WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD "Naruto 673 is the next exciting chapter in Naruto mang... | Manga

Episode 2 Impressions: The Irregular at Magic High School | Otaku Spirit

1d 23h ago - Following the tense moments of the premier of The Irregular at Magic High School, we get a closer... | Anime

Anime Review: Harmonie

2d ago - Mr. Flaw took a look at the new Anime Mirai project by Yoshiura Yasuhiro, Harmonie. His reaction?... | Anime

Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii - First Look (Anime Evo)

2d ago - Anime Evo: Few will disagree that the current Spring season is kicking the last season’s prov... | Anime

Spring 2014 Anime - First Week Impressions | A Simple Lotus

2d ago - an exhaustive compilation of first impressions of over 15 anime from this new season! | Anime

Sergei’s Spring 2014 Anime Picks [Capsule Computers]

2d ago - Sergei Lazarev writes: "I know, I know, the spring anime season has already started and we’ve... | Anime

Episode 1 Impressions: Mekakucity Actors | Otaku Spirit

2d ago - SHAFT. It’s a name that brings with it a particular style and quirk that one can either appreciat... | Anime

First Impressions: No Game, No Life [Sekijitsu]

2d ago - Written by Czai of the Sekijitsu writing team: This thing… is not interesting at all. Main... | Anime
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