What Type of Anime Fan Are You?

3d ago - GoBoiano: "There are a lot pf different types of anime fans. From the hardcore to the casual. Fan... | Anime

Complete Simulcast Fall 2014 Anime Viewing Guide and Impressions

6d ago - Callum May at The Koalition writes: It’s that time again. Time for a brand new season of anime an... | Anime

Cyborg 009: The Long Road to an Ending

8d ago - The struggle to give Cyborg 009 its finale took several decades- and the original author's death... | Anime

[Spoilers] Psycho-Pass: A Cyborg’s Manifestation as Human... from thereforeitis

8d ago - The realm of fiction has explored many a possibility of civilization’s and humanity’s potential v... | Anime

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Is Doflamingo Really That Bad?

9d ago - Sleeping Geeks explore what makes Doflamingo the way he is and whether he is just misunderstood o... | Manga

One Piece Theories: Corazon & Doflamingo

11d ago - The Sleeping Geeks explore the different possibilities in regards to what truly went down between... | Manga

Welcome To The Nendoroid Freak Show!

14d ago - Have a look at some of the weirdest Nendoroid figures Good Smile Company has released over the ye... | Merchandise

Fate/Stay Night: Setting Up for a Decade of Quality Success

14d ago - With a series running in the Fall 2014 lineup, it's time to analyze the success of the Fate/Stay... | Gaming

Serial Experiments Lain in the Modern Age of Social Media and the Internet

22d ago - An examination of a classic cyberpunk series and its relevance in today's social media landscape. | Anime

GLORIO Fall 2014 Anime Guide Part 2

24d ago - The Glorio Blog: "Jel’s a bit busy, and because he hates you almost as much as he loves me, he pu... | Anime

The Essential Ar Nosurge Beginner’s Guide

24d ago - To make the most of your time with the excellent Ar Nosurge, here are some tips to keep in mind a... | Gaming

GLORIO Fall 2014 Anime Guide Part 3

25d ago - The Glorio Blog: "It’s time for the final part of our season preview, featuring the highly antici... | Anime

Trafalgar Law’s Hatred For Bread; The Secret Revealed

28d ago - The reason why Trafalgar Law of One Piece fame hates bread has finally been revealed. Check it ou... | Anime

HelghastKillzone's Fall 2014 Anime Preview l Project Otaku

29d ago - Summer is almost over and that’s means new anime is just around the corner for all you Otakus to... | Anime

GLORIO Fall 2014 Anime Guide Part 1

30d ago - The Glorio Blog: "This past Summer season was great for comedy anime, but as we move to Fall it’s... | Anime

One Piece Withdrawal!

31d ago - Do you guys struggle to deal with life and have a mini crisis when the weekly Shounen Jump is on... | Anime

How to Unlock All Characters in Naruto Storm Revolution [Guide]

36d ago - Naruto Storm Revolution has more than 100 characters and in order to unlock all of them you need... | Gaming

North American Anime, Manga Releases, September 14-20

37d ago - Valvrave the Liberator, Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal anime; Kamen manga; Attack on Titan novel, guidebook ship. | Anime

10 Real World Brands With Slightly Less Real Counterparts In Anime

38d ago - GoBoiano: "Amusement can come from the most unexpected sources sometimes, even in anime. Who woul... | Anime

Anime Revolution 2014 Convention

38d ago - Here at Project Otaku, we know you don't visit us for our deep and insightful articles but rush r... | Culture

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Japanese Box Office, September 6-7

38d ago - Stand By Me Doraemon, the 36th Doraemon film and franchise's first CGI film, stayed at #1 in its... | Anime

Toriyama Akira: beyond Dragon Ball

40d ago - Toriyama Akira is most well-known for Dr. Slump and of course Dragon Ball, the latter of which is... | Industry

Annotated Anime: Stardust Crusaders episodes 21-22

44d ago - Japanator: "If the last couple of episodes seemed tailored towards characters who still hadn't fo... | Anime

Annotated Anime: Sword Art Online II episode 9

44d ago - Japanator: "As Sword Art Online II begins to imply that the Phantom Bullet Arc is coming to a clo... | Anime

Taking Bets on the Reddit Best Girl Contest | A Simple Lotus

44d ago - I have recently been introduced to this increasingly popular contest that’s being passed around t... | Anime
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