What's Hot and What's Not - The Three Episode Rule for the Summer Season l Project Otaku

2d ago - The hype train for the summer season of anime is well on its way. It’s time for a passenger ticke... | Anime

Cosplay from ConBravo

5d ago - The people over at CGMagazine have collected the best cosplay from ConBravo. Some great shots and... | Culture

"Don't I know you?" Ten Cosplayers to look out for at SDCC this year

5d ago - Goldfish is here with the information that most were asking on who will be at SDCC this year cosp... | Culture

Terror in Resonance Episode 02 - Caraniel's Ramblings

8d ago - Terror in Resonance (I’m sticking with the English translation of the title – think it is catchie... | Anime

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Science of Dragon Ball

8d ago - Check out pictures of the limited time Dragon Ball Science event. Come check out a real Capsule s... | Anime

Top 8 Most Screwed Up Anime Ever

10d ago - It is late at night, and you ran out of episodes of your favorite anime. Feeling ambitious, you d... | Anime

Otaku Kids Gather At Nagaland’s Epic Cosplay Festival

13d ago - Otaku culture in India has been progressing in leaps and bounds over the last few years and its m... | Culture

How to Sharingan in Real Life

14d ago - Have you ever wanted Sharingan powers like Kakashi Hatake from the series Naruto? Or would you... | Anime

Sword Art Online (SAO) II - Gun Gale Online (GGO) Details

17d ago - After the first successful season of SAO season 2 was announced to release in July 2014. With the... | Anime

Side-scrolling action-RPG Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard comes to iOS

17d ago - App Spy says: The 2D Japanese-chibi-anime-inspired world, PvP and co-op MMO elements, and side-s... | Gaming

Your Complete Summer 2014 Anime Guide

19d ago - Summer makes the world a sweltering wasteland, so why not hold up in air-conditioned comfort with... | Anime

Sailor Moon Is Back - Here's What You Need to Know

21d ago - With the debut of Sailor Moon Crystal upon us, here's a mostly spoiler-free guide with answers to... | Anime

Sword Art Online II, Episode 1 - Exposition and DEATH GUN

24d ago - Sword Art Online has returned, meaning it's time to once again break down some craft and some Kir... | Anime

Kite (2014) Live-Action Film: What to Expect Given The Original 1998 Version

26d ago - Is the criticism for the 2014 Kite trailer really deserved? | Anime

Summer Anime 2014: List of Where Anime Will Be Streaming Legally

27d ago - Here’s a list of the Summer 2014 anime and where they happen to be streaming at, regions the anim... | Anime

Attack on House Fly: Adopting Heroic Anime Traits to Conquer Your Life

27d ago - I’m going to go ahead and address you as the cowardly pillow humping anime fan that you, myself a... | Culture

Yet Another (Un)Surprising Spring 2014 Ranking.

29d ago - As of June 30, the day this article has been written, we are 2 days away from the fabtastic swima... | Anime

What is anime fan service?

29d ago - “Fan service” is a complimentary service done for the fans, excluding the general public, rewardi... | Anime

Sports Anime/Manga - A Fusion Left on the Bench

29d ago - Tony writes: "One of the best things about anime and manga is that it covers a variety of subj... | Anime

Three Months Later: What Did Japan Think About J-Stars Victory Vs.?

31d ago - It’s been a little over three months since J-Stars Victory Vs. has released and here are what som... | Gaming

Anime Summer Season 2014 – Watch or Drop? (AnimeMage)

35d ago - Another season of anime ending, another one about to start, what’s coming up? What will you be wa... | Culture

The creepiest Pokémon theories (that actually make a lot of sense)

36d ago - Pokémon can be a game of wonder - as long as you don't look too closely into the back story. | Gaming

Sunday Manga Recommendations: Unstoppable Hype

39d ago - It’s not Sunday, but whatever I guess. | Manga

Anime Film for a Mature Audience: Features, Shorts and Directors

39d ago - Most anime are aimed towards young adults. What is everyone else supposed to do? Let us explore a... | Anime

How to Identify Anime and Manga Genres

41d ago - Richard Eisenbeis of Kotaku writes: "We’ve looked at the basic types of anime out there but now i... | Anime
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