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All 10 Anime Games Confirmed for North America Release in 2016

5d ago - Here are the anime/manga-based games that are confirmed to be releasing in North America some tim... | Gaming

No Game No Life: Post-Modern Detectives

11d ago - Postmodern detective fiction crosses a wide array of mediums, including – but not limited to – li... | Anime

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

Ten Years of Kyoto Animation: Influence and Lasting Hits

11d ago - Kyoto Animation was established in 1981 by married couple Yoko and Hideaki Hatta, who still hold... | Industry

Why Watch Anime?

14d ago - What is the value in watching anime? | Culture

Galaxy Express 999: Matsumoto's Rage Against the Machine

26d ago - Editorial on Leji Matsumoto's political message expressed through the Galaxy Express 999 film, sp... | Anime

Crazy clothes, car accidents, and bungie jumping: The 2016 “Coming of Age Day” round-up

28d ago - Coming of Age day is a huge deal for young adults in Japan, which means insane clothes, cars, and... | Culture

Becoming the Robot: how Shogo MAD immaculately captures mecha anime's essence

31d ago - In the early 2000s, the Japanese government started to evaluate the value of the country’s popula... | Culture

Let's break down the Kizumonogatari movie trailers

34d ago - Anthony goes in depth with the Kizumonogatari trailers | Anime

Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 – Episode One – Messenger from Iscander

38d ago - I absolutely adore Yamato 2199, the remake of a Matsumoto Leiji classic from the 1970s, and with... | Anime

One Punch Man Anime VS Manga VS The Original

41d ago - For those of you who don’t know, the creator of One Punch Man is called ‘ONE’ who doesn’t draw th... | Anime

The Idol Phenomenon in Japan and Anime

41d ago - Jpop is a broad term that refers to Japanese pop music, or even popular Japanese music. As much f... | Industry

Favourite anime of 2015

42d ago - It is that time of the year when anime seasons are wrapping up, and we can look back on those ser... | Anime

Princess Mononoke - the Girl Behind the Mask

49d ago - Guardian Enzo writes: "If you’ve followed my previous posts about Studio Ghibli, you know that I... | Anime

Monthly Mangaka Spotlight 4: Hiromu Arakawa

51d ago - Peter Fobian writes: "Hiromu Arakawa is an interesting character even in the eccentric world of m... | Manga

Aniwords – Mean Girls, Anime Style

51d ago - Isaac Akers writes: "Imagine you're a high school-aged girl anime character—let's say your name's... | Anime

What the West Learned About Japanese Culture from Anime

55d ago - Anime fans may know by heart the names of their favorite characters or even theme songs, but how... | Culture

The Complete Anime Streaming Guide

58d ago - Comparing all the legal streaming options available to the modern anime fan. | Anime

Naruto Storm 4 – DLC Scenario Packs: Why Shikamaru and Gaara?

59d ago - Well since the rumored leak of Storm 4 DLC packs has come, there’ve been questions and concerns a... | Gaming

The four new classes of modern otaku

59d ago - Which otaku quadrant do you fall into? | Culture

Is your girlfriend a cat, dog, gorilla or penguin type? Take this Twitter comic test to find out

59d ago - According to Twitter in Japan, there are four main “personality types” when it comes to girlfrien... | Culture

Anime Isn’t Like Reality: Bath time fun edition

59d ago - Turns out a lot of those sexy bath time scenes in anime aren’t realistic, and not just because of... | Anime

Answerman - How Does Old Anime Get Remastered?

62d ago - Older anime shows are coming in out in HD at a remarkable clip, but how do these shows go from du... | Anime

The List - 6 Idols That Fandom Forgot

62d ago - Anime idols have sung and danced their way into the hearts of otaku everywhere for years now, but... | Anime

The AniTAY Beginner’s Guide To Anime

63d ago - Anime can be confusing to those who haven’t experienced much of it, with it’s its tropes and term... | Anime

Kotaku’s 2015 Anime Gift Guide

63d ago - Are you shopping for an anime fan and have no earthly idea what this “anime” thing is—much less w... | Anime
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