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Ore Monogatari!! Episode 17 | Wanabrar

1d 3h ago - Not a bad episode overall. The subject is less interesting, but still it’s an ok episode. Christm... | Anime

Sexy Bleach Boys Cosplay [50+Pics] – Ulquiorra, Grimmjow, Ichigo and!?

1d 21h ago - Enjoyed our Sexy Bleach Girls Cosplay article? Now it’s time to look into Sexy Bleach Boys Cospla... | Culture

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Come celebrate Independence Day with us on Filmwatch and win cool prizes. | Promoted post

High School DxD Review & Characters – President Rias Gremory’s Virginity Belongs to Me!

1d 21h ago - Issei Hyoudou is the typical male high school student. He’s naïve, a bit dorky, a slacker, and lo... | Anime

Top 5 Anime by Adam (Honey’s Anime Writer)

1d 21h ago - I don’t really remember when I got into anime, I just remember watching Dragon Ball Z on Cartoon... | Anime

Top 5 Anime by Javier Garcia (Honey’s Anime Writer)

1d 21h ago - 5: Ronin Warriors, 4: Ga Rei: Zero... Check out the full article for more! | Anime

Top 10 Anime Made by Gonzo [Best Recommendations]

1d 21h ago - 10. Blade and Soul, 9. Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing, 8. The Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uru... | Anime

Anime Weekly: Summer 2015, Week 4

1d 23h ago - We're a third of the way through the season already, which means shows are getting dropped and ot... | Anime

6 Anime Like Special A [Recommendations]

2d ago - 6: Kaichou wa Maid-sama, 5: Ouran High School Host Club... Check out the full article for the rest! | Anime

Top 10 Shoujo Anime [Best Recommendations]

2d ago - 10: Itazura na Kiss, 9: Kimi ni Todoke, 8: Lovely★Complex... Check out the full article for the r... | Anime

Top 10 Strongest Fairy Tail Characters [Anime Only]

2d ago - “Fairy Tail” has grown to be one of the most popular shounen out there, following the classics li... | Anime

Top 10 Cute Female Characters with Glasses

2d ago - 10. Hazuki Fujiwara from Ojamajo Doremi (Magical DoReMi), 9. Tashigi from One Piece, 8. Moeka Kir... | Anime

GATE 04 – Unknown Lands

2d ago - This episode of Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri! was good enough due to the fact that... | Anime

Non Non Biyori Repeat Episode 4 | Wanabrar

3d ago - You thought it’s going to be a normal day in Non Non Biyori this week. Well think again. I like t... | Anime

Porno Watch — School

3d ago - Mr. Flaw watches an OVA series regarding a school that should have been shut down long ago. | Anime

The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Episode 15 | Wanabrar

3d ago - I find this episode pretty good. Despite the mood of this episode being all gloomy, it still has... | Anime

What I Dropped, Summer 2015 Edition: Chaos Dragon, Aoharu x Kikanjuu, Gate & More.

4d ago - I genuninely believe this Summer season is the best season I´ve experienced in my two short years... | Anime

We all Have our List of Lovers Don’t we? Waifu Dreams

4d ago - Souless takes on a very heated subject on his favorite waifus in Anime and Hentai. Luckily enough... | Anime

Rokka no Yuusha Episode 4 | Wanabrar

4d ago - This episode is lot more interesting than last week. That misunderstanding from last week, some t... | Anime

Wonder Festival 2015 Summer Photo Report – Pictures of New Figures!

4d ago - Hot summer has come! It means Wonder Festival (held on July 26th in Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan)... | Anime

Fun with Cosplay at Anime Expo 2015

4d ago - Costume play, or better known as “cosplay,” is a favorite pastime of many convention goers or fan... | Anime

Indie Game Month Contest Details

Now - Win mechanical keyboards from WASD, a Xbox One Bundle, a PS4, GameMaker: Studio Pro Licenses and much more! | Promoted post

Working!!! S3 Episode 4 | Wanabrar

4d ago - Oh yes! More Satou and Yachiyo moment. Not only that, but Takanashi has realize something too thi... | Anime

Charlotte Episode 4 | Wanabrar

5d ago - Another good episode for Charlotte. This week there is some Yusarin hype in the class and a baseb... | Anime

God Eater 03 – Alisa

5d ago - Alisa Illinichina Amiella…Long name, lovely girl. God Eater 03 introduces Alisa and, as expected,... | Anime

The Rigtheous Three-Episode-Rule Of Doom Spring 2015 “First” Impressions. [Part 1]

5d ago - Despite me dissapearing off the face of the earth for the past two weeks, I have been kind of kee... | Anime

Top 5 Anime by Issa M. (Honey’s Anime Writer)

5d ago - Here's 5 recommendations from Honey's Anime writer, Issa M. 5. Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon), 4. Mu... | Anime
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