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Amazing and Sexy Oversized Kirino Figure Due in April

43m ago - Richard from PopCults.com writes "This amazing and impressive figure is due in April but you can... | Merchandise

Episode 16 Impressions: Sword Art Online II | Otaku Spirit

44m ago - Thankfully, with the absolutely boring information drop last episode, we can enjoy a much more en... | Anime

Episode 5 Impressions: Terraformars | Otaku Spirit

4h ago - Even with the departure in our previous episode, the show must go on as we continue the fight aga... | Anime

Episode 17 Impressions: Akame ga Kill! | Otaku Spirit

1d ago - In every single sense of the word, last week’s cliffhanger could be described as a bang. Did Bols... | Anime

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

WTF at Ebay: The 150K Pikachu Pokemon Card!

1d 6h ago - Here is another great entry for those who loves to spend money on odd things like this. Well, mig... | Merchandise

Episode 3 Impressions: Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! | Otaku Spirit

1d 20h ago - Twoearle’s hard work is finally ready to show off as the team take a tour of her new base created... | Anime

Episode 3 Impressions: Rage of Bahamut: Genesis | Otaku Spirit

1d 22h ago - It seems that the journey Amira travels with Favaro is taking its toll on the world. While she ma... | Anime

Episode 3 Impressions: Wolf Girl and Black Prince | Otaku Spirit

1d 22h ago - While everyone seems to be enjoying their Summer vacation time, Erika is stuck at home awaiting f... | Anime

Episode 3 Impressions: Parasyte -the maxim- | Otaku Spirit

1d 22h ago - While Shinichi seems to be retaining his hope for a normal life while hiding the secret of the pa... | Anime

Fall 2014, Week 4: Highlights of the Week

1d 23h ago - Mage in Barrel takes a look at Week 4 of the Fall 2014 season, where the top tier of shows (Baham... | Anime

Psycho-Pass 2 - Episode 03 | Caraniel's Ramblings

4d ago - This episode was raised some interesting questions about how people manage their psycho-pass hue... | Anime

The Fall 2014 Anime Season So Far. [Part 2]

4d ago - This Fall season taught me that you don´t need to be a cocksure jock or a wishy-washy harem lead... | Anime

The Fall 2014 Anime Season So Far. [Part 1]

4d ago - With the Fall season in full swing, people always like pick sides as to wheter this season is bet... | Anime

Episode 3 Impressions: Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works | Otaku Spirit

4d ago - Even though Shirou has only recently accepted his role in the battles between Masters in the Holy... | Anime

AKB0048 First Stage: Dreams, Performance & the Machine

4d ago - AKB0048: First Stage is an idol show, but how does it compare to the real world idol industry or... | Anime

Episode 3 Impressions: Yona of the Dawn | Otaku Spirit

4d ago - Yona remains shattered as Hak continues to fight to bring her to safety within the mountains. As... | Anime

Episode 8 Impressions: Sailor Moon Crystal | Otaku Spirit

4d ago - When all hope seemed lost, a shining light has appeared before the sailor scouts. The one that t... | Anime

Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 03 – The First Battle

5d ago - After a long wait, here it is. The third episode of Fate Stay Night. It was a great episode and i... | Anime

A Buncha Washed-Up Idiots: An Amagi Brilliant Park Post

6d ago - Mr. Flaw talks about some of his concerns regarding Amagi Brilliant Park based on the latest epis... | Anime

Of Political Dimensions: Log Horizon and The Rise of Civilization

6d ago - Enter Log Horizon, that ridiculously catchy Engrish refrain from the Opening Song “DATABASE,” and... | Anime

Get paid to review products

Now - Join the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Participation... | Promoted post

Episode 15 Impressions: Sword Art Online II | Otaku Spirit

6d ago - It seems life for Kirito has finally become a bit more peaceful, but one can’t expect the gamer i... | Anime

Let These 8 Anime Characters Cook for You at Your Own Risk

6d ago - GoBoiano: "Note: Light spoilers follow. You sit down. It was a busy day, so it feels good to rela... | Anime

Episode 2 Impressions: Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! | Otaku Spirit

6d ago - What good is any super hero without a secret lair to hang out in when not out prowling for bad gu... | Anime

Episode 4 Impressions: Terraformars | Otaku Spirit

6d ago - Just when I thought I was out.. they pull me back into TERRAFORMARS. A conveniently timed clear o... | Anime

Episode 2 Impressions: Parasyte -the maxim- | Otaku Spirit

6d ago - While Shinichi has had a run in with a hostile Parasite, its power was quite limited in the failu... | Anime
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