FUNimation Confirms ‘Chaos Dragon’ Anime Acquisition

8h ago - FUNimation briefly listed Chaos Dragon on their site earlier today, which has been removed, and w... | Anime

Robonyan And Schwarzenegger Come Face-To-Face At Terminator: Genisys Japanese Premiere

8h ago - Frank Inglese of SnapThirty writes: Though you probably wouldn’t know it at first glance, the... | Culture

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Come celebrate the upcoming Jurassic World with us on Filmwatch and win cool prizes. | Promoted post

Persona 4: Dancing All Night Announced for ANZ

12h ago - Kane Bugeja of SnapThirty writes: If you haven’t heard of Persona 4: Dancing All Night by now,... | Gaming

Square Enix 'Interested in creating new types of experiences' for VR & AR

12h ago - VRFocus reports on the statement that Square Enix is set to bring multiple forms of content to vi... | Gaming

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ Home Video Release Date Revealed For Japan

1d 12h ago - DBZ fans in Japan are in for a treat because they can pre-order the latest Dragon Ball Z movie, D... | Anime

Nise and Nekomonogatari Kuro Blu ray set announced

1d 12h ago - Blu-Ray Set containing Nisemonogatari and Nekomonogatari Black has been announced and wil be rele... | Anime

J-Stars Victory Vs+ releases early for EU and Australia

2d ago - J-Stars Victory+ out now for EU and Australia on PS3/4, and PSVita. American released will be at... | Gaming

Shoujo Manga “Hatsukoi Monster” Gets Anime Adaptation.

2d ago - A scan of the August edition of the Aria shoujo magazine has announced that Hatsukoi Monster will... | Anime

Nichijou's HUGE announcement is pretty normal

3d ago - Anthony over at Japanator reveals the huge announcement planned for Nichijou to be released 26th... | Manga

Welcome To 2015 - Fire Emblem Fates To Include Same-Sex Relationships

4d ago - Frank Inglese of SnapThirty writes: Despite what many people believe, I truly do think we live... | Gaming

Punch Line Game Will Have Different Endings From Anime

7d ago - Famitsu have confirmed that the video game adaptation of the Punch Line Anime will have feature d... | Gaming

Disney XD Picks Up Yo-Kai Watch Anime

7d ago - The Yo-Kai Watch anime is set to air on Disney XD in the United States later this year. Disney XD... | Anime

Ojisan and Marshmallow Anime Adaptation Announced

7d ago - Rekomaru Otoi’s Ojisan and Marshmallow workplace Manga series is being adapted into an Anime seri... | Anime

Life-Sized Momo Velia Deviluke Figurine Unveiled

7d ago - Max Factory have unveiled a life sized figure of To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness’ Momo Velia Devilu... | Merchandise

Sentai Filmworks Licenses 'The World is Still Beautiful'

7d ago - "Sentai Filmworks has just announced its acquisition of the 12-episode anime series The World is... | Anime

Japan announces an Attack on Drugs

8d ago - Anthony Redgrave reports on the upcoming promotion with Attack on Titan with the International Da... | Culture

Tokyo Ghoul Jail Promo Trailer

8d ago - Bandai Namco Entertainment have released a new trailer for their upcoming PlayStation VITA game T... | Gaming

Unhappy! Gets An Anime Adaptation

8d ago - Hobunsha have confirmed that Cotoji’s comedy Manga series, Unhappy! (Anhapi), will be adapted int... | Anime

Madman's License Acquisitions from Supanova Sydney 2015

9d ago - "Madman Entertainment has just revealed seven new license acquisitions at Supanova Sydney 2015. T... | Anime

Boku dake ga Inai Machi Anime Adaptation Confirmed

9d ago - Kei Sanbe’s Manga series, Boku dake ga Inai Machi (The Town Where Only I Am Missing), is being ad... | Anime

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

One Piece Episode of Sabo Story & Visual Revealed

9d ago - A couple of days ago a TV commercial aired announcing the fourth “One Piece Episode of” special a... | Anime

'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure' Season 1 US DVD Release Delayed

9d ago - "Right Stuf announced today that Warner Home Video is delaying their upcoming release of the firs... | Anime

Fairy Tail Zero, Fairy Tail: Ice Trail Spinoff Manga to End in July

9d ago - The 12th issue of Kodansha's Monthly Fairy Tail magazine announced on Wednesday that both Hiro Ma... | Manga

Hard Copies of 'Katawa Shoujo' Will Be Available at Comiket 88

9d ago - "The Japanese translation team for Katawa Shoujo will be returning to Comiket this year, and hard... | Gaming

Second Classic Pokemon Gym Leader Figure Announced - Misty: The Tomboy Mermaid

9d ago - Frank Inglese of SnapThirty writes: Chances are, if you’re a fan of Japanese pop culture in th... | Merchandise
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