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Angel Beats! Gets New Episode With Anime Blu-ray Box

33d ago - The staff of the Angel Beats! and Charlotte anime series announced on Monday that the upcoming Ja... | Anime

My favorite anime - Angel Beats!

156d ago - Anime Viking tells us why he fell in love with the anime Angel Beats! | Anime

Anime and its Commentary on Childhood Death

172d ago - A reflection on the tragedy of childhood death in anime and how it translates to reality | Anime

Top 12 Anime Soundtracks

251d ago - "I’m back! College has let out so I should be able to write more often. Anyone who looks at my... | Anime

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Ring in the new year with gift cards. Check out details on Filmwatch. | Promoted post

More Angel Beats! CGs Released for Upcoming KEY Title

361d ago - Following up with my last post in regards to the upcoming Angel Beats! visual novel from KEY, Den... | Gaming

CG Preview for Upcoming Angel Beats! Visual Novel Released

392d ago - As a present to KEY fans worldwide, the company has released its first batch of sample preview CG... | Gaming

“Angel Beats!” Visual Novel Details Released

456d ago - Dengeki G’s December issue carries “new details” on the Angel Beats! game, like the revelation th... | Gaming

Angel Beats Anime Game Confirmed

487d ago - The latest November issue of G’s Magazine has confirmed that Jun Maeda’s Angel Beats game will be... | Gaming

Anime top 5: Death Scenes

504d ago - "One of the things I love about Anime is how nonchalant it is about killing off characters. It do... | Anime

Have You Seen? … Angel Beats!

526d ago - The amount of anime shows and franchises that are currently available for viewers to watch nowada... | Anime

Anime Gems: Angel Beats

548d ago - A product of the moe boom that manages to transcend it's putrid roots! | Anime

Top 5 Anime shows: Think you know anime? Think again!

553d ago - Anime. Japan's gift to the west. Anime is an abbreviation of the Japanese word animeeshon. As... | Anime

Review: Angel Beats! [East Meets West Entertainment]

709d ago - Angel Beats! was created by P.A. Works and Aniplex and directed by Seiji Kishi. The story was ori... | Anime

Weekly Dose Of Awesome: Angel Beats

779d ago - Welcome to the Weekly Dose Of Awesome, where Zenith talks about a piece of media that he consider... | Anime

P.A. Works – A Studio Still Waiting to Shine

807d ago - Anime Viking writes: If there is any anime studio that has made a name of themselves lately, i... | Anime

The Fandom Post | Angel Beats Complete Series Collection UK Blu-ray Anime Review

911d ago - One of those series where you desperately wished there was more of, this 13 episode tale of chara... | Anime

Crunchyroll Adds "Angel Beats!," "Moyashimon" Season 1, and "Hell Girl" Season 2

915d ago - Crunchyroll is adding a handful of new streams to its lineup, as announced at this year's Otakon... | Anime

New Anime Curtains Feature "Fate/Zero," "Madoka Magica," and More

917d ago - Last December we got an eyeful of Curtain Damashii Collection 01, and now they're back with more... | Anime

"Angel Beats!" Prize Figures Offered in June Lottery

973d ago - There doesn't seem to be much talk of producing a follow-up to Angel Beats!, or even much merchan... | Merchandise

New Non-Game Angel Beats! Project Announced

1033d ago - The official Twitter account for Dengeki G's Magazine announced on Friday that the upcoming Denge... | Anime

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

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Angel Beats! “New Developments” Confirmed

1035d ago - Seventhstyle writes:"Nothing has been explicitly revealed at this point – however, a statement pr... | Anime

Angel Beats Review [Capsule Computers]

1215d ago - Check out Capsule Computers review of Angel Beats! | Anime

Angel Beats now on Netflix

1261d ago - The Angel Beats anime series is now available for streaming on Netflix | Anime

iAX Review: “Angel Beats!” Complete Collection (DVD)

1275d ago - iAX: "If you’ve played visual novels such as Kanon, Clannad, Air, or Rewrite, you probably know b... | Anime

North American Stream List: June 25–July 4

1302d ago - ANN writes: "The Anime Network added the following streaming anime: Allison & Lillia ep. 12 (s... | Anime
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