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Japanese Poll Ranks Best Harem Masters

878d ago - Ah, the harem comedy. It’s a staple of the anime world, and for a good reason - who wouldn’t want... | Culture

Biglobe Poll: Most Anticipated Fall 2013 Anime

889d ago - On Monday, Japanese Internet service provider BIGLOBE posted the results of its unofficial survey... | Anime

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10,000 Votes Cast on Poll For Which Anime Are Still Entertaining At Summer 2013's Half Way Point

906d ago - We're pretty much at the half way point of the summer 2013 anime season. So, the Japanese otaku... | Culture

Biglobe: K-On! – Best Anime This Decade

918d ago - Kyoto Animation’s slice of life comedy anime K-ON! topped a recent Biglobe poll on the best anime... | Anime

[Ranking] Top 41 Main Heroines of 2013 Summer Season

928d ago - Anime user ranking is one of categories on the major Japanese polling website biglobe, a website... | Culture

Biglobe Poll: Top 25 Summer Anime

934d ago - The Japanese anime fans over at Biglobe are always quick to lend their opinions to a poll. Their... | Culture

Biglobe Poll: Top 10 Yandere

969d ago - We're here again for another Big Globe Poll results and this time it's the top 10 Yandere where t... | Culture

Top 10 Anime Couples: 2013 Edition

981d ago - Aniplogs: ''Yes, it's 2013 edition because Big Globe Poll is notorious in repeating surveys so I'... | Culture

Top 10 Most Annoying Anime Heroines

988d ago - Aniplogs: ''Ranking the most irritating anime heroines in the history of anime will definitely sp... | Culture

Biglobe Poll: Top Anime Guys Love And Girls Hate

991d ago - Crunchyroll: ''Everybody knows turnaround is fair play, and after the hotly debated poll ranking... | Culture

Top 10 Anime Of The 21st Century

992d ago - Aniplogs: ''Big Globe Poll's another controversial list of best anime of 21st Century. I'm not su... | Culture

Biglobe Poll: Anime Girls Love But Guys Hate

995d ago - Crunchyroll: ''No one can deny the power of the fujoshi. From butlers to basketball players, prin... | Culture

Top 10 Anime You Continue To Watch This Spring 2013

998d ago - Aniplogs: ''They've ranked the Top 20 anime Japanese viewers have dropped and now they have done... | Culture

Top 10 Anime You Dropped This Spring 2013

999d ago - Aniplogs: ''A ranking that reveals which among the anime shows this spring 2013 gets dropped by t... | Culture

Top 10 Anime Sequels Fans Wish For

1003d ago - Aniplogs: ''Sucks when you have to wait for a few months or even a year to see another season of... | Culture

Top 10 Most Anticipated Anime of Summer 2013

1008d ago - Aniplogs: ''We're still half way this Spring to welcome the new batch of anime this summer of 201... | Culture

Top 20 Anime Heroines You Love to Hate

1016d ago - Crunchyroll: ''Everybody has one: an anime character you derive actual satisfaction from trashing... | Culture

Poll Ranks Best Light Novel To Anime Adaptations

1026d ago - Crunchyroll: ''Some of the best anime of recent years are adaptations from light novels. A bunch... | Culture

Poll Ranks 25 Hottest Spring Anime

1031d ago - One of my favorite things to do whenever we have a new anime season is to check out what other pe... | Culture

Biglobe Poll: Winter Shows You Shouldn’t Have Dropped

1053d ago - Amanda Rush: ''We’ve all made that mistake: a couple of episodes in, and a show just doesn’t grab... | Culture

Japanese Otaku Pick Their Favorite Slice of Life Anime

1067d ago - Scott Green: ''Personally, I think the term "slice of life" is overused when describing anime gen... | Anime

Biglobe Poll: Most Anticipated Spring 2013 Anime

1069d ago - On Thursday, the Japanese Internet service provider BIGLOBE posted the results of its official su... | Anime

Japanese Otaku Name the Series They Most Want to See Become an Anime Movie

1075d ago - When an anime series inspires a movie, it's not just a chance to see a bit more of a favorite, it... | Anime

Little Busters! Second Season Announced

1102d ago - YoU: ''According to the Poll on Biglobe regarding the favorite Anime of Fall 2012, the second sea... | Anime

Japanese Fans Rank Anime By the Quality of Their Battle Scenes

1109d ago - Scott Green: ''I'm a little disappointed that Air Master didn't make the cut, but since I've ofte... | Anime
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