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Power Meal - DBZ's Vegeta Appears In New Commercial For Cup Noodles

18h ago - Frank Inglese of SnapThirty writes: Japan produces it’s fair share of weird stuff. In fact, I’... | Culture

Japanese Fans Rank The Anime Couples They Want to Split Up

21h ago - No more of this lovey-dovey stuff, say fans | Culture

To Make Anime Eyes More Terrifying, Add Avocados

21h ago - It seems if you Photoshop in avocados into anime characters’ eyes, the result is most unsettling. | Culture

Upcoming Manga Cafe in Shibuya Boasts Enormous Collection

22h ago - Shibuya residents can look forward to a new hangout joint in the form of the upcoming manga cafe,... | Culture

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Come celebrate the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron with us on Filmwatch and win cool prizes. | Promoted post

Live-Action ‘Death Note’ TV Drama’s Main Cast Revealed

2d ago - "Masataka Kubota will play the main role of Light Yagami, Kento Yamazaki will play L and Mio Yuuk... | Culture

Yowamushi Pedal Voice Actors Will Compete in Tour de France

4d ago - The cast of the bike racing anime Yowamushi Pedal have made a special announcement. Six members o... | Culture

Chibi Maruko-chan Planetarium Show to Open in Tokyo

4d ago - The Konica Minolta "Tenkū" Planetarium in Tokyo Skytree Town will run a Chibi Maruko-chan planeta... | Culture

Unofficial Fried Pikachu Cutlet Looks More Sad Than Delicious

4d ago - Pokémon bento boxes and designs are nothing new. Fans have come up with all sorts of ways to make... | Culture

Japanese Theaters to Show Anime Films, Stage Plays With English Subtitles

6d ago - Japanese entertainment company T-Joy announced on Tuesday that it is launching a program titled "... | Culture

Dragon Ball Z's Android Saga As Pulp Fiction

7d ago - Time travel is a little bit different in artist Ástor Alexander’s version of the Dragon Ball Z An... | Culture

Anime Character's Head Falls Off During Live Show, Trauma Ensues

7d ago - You’re a kid. You’ve seen Doraemon on television. It’s one of Japan’s most famous anime. And then... | Culture

What are Maid Cafes?

7d ago - “Gokitaku hajimete desu ka?” She wears white stockings and lace, a fantasy in the flesh. You n... | Culture

Animatsu's Website Reveals More Upcoming Rooster Teeth and Anime Releases

8d ago - "Animatsu Entertainment's website has been updated with four more upcoming releases, including tw... | Culture

Shibuya, Hachiko and the Scramble Crossing - TRAVELOGUE [SnapThirty]

9d ago - Luke had wanted desperately to make the pilgrimage to Shibuya in order to see two things, legenda... | Culture

Akihabara, AKB48 and The Gundam Cafe - TRAVELOGUE [SnapThirty]

10d ago - SnapThirty's Luke Halliday heads to Akihabara, the mecca for all anime fans. First order of busin... | Culture

Shonen Jump Shop at Tokyo Station - TRAVELOGUE [SnapThirty]

10d ago - Luke and Susan crash land into the Shonen Jump Shop at Tokyo Station's Character Street. The jour... | Culture

Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo - TRAVELOGUE [SnapThirty]

10d ago - We head to the Pokemon Center in Ikebukuro, Tokyo by the name of Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo. It is... | Culture

J-WORLD TOKYO, Shonen Jump Theme Park - TRAVELOGUE [SnapThirty]

10d ago - Luke and Suz go to the Shonen Jump Theme Park, J-WORLD TOKYO! There are many crazy anime themed a... | Culture

Evil Cults and Anime Post-Aum

11d ago - What may be regarded by society as religious “cults” have permeated history from ancient and mode... | Culture

Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma – Rice Digital Light Lunch

13d ago - "Who else is enjoying the anime spring season 2015? There’s a bunch of interesting stuff this tim... | Culture

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Top 5 Male Anime Characters (Fan-Voted) | Thisvthattv

14d ago - You’ve nominated and voted, and here are the results of the Top 5 Male Anime Characters fanmade p... | Culture

10 Cutest Girls Of Spring 2015

16d ago - My top 10 girls from the Spring 2015 season rated by looks/appearance/voice/etc. Who are your fav... | Culture

Digimon Tri Gets It's First Trailer! - This Week In Anime

17d ago - Thanks for watching 'This Week In Anime'! This week we talk about Digimon Adventure Tri's first t... | Culture

Found It, My Favorite Studio Ghibli Cosplay | Kotaku

17d ago - Look. At. That. A Robot from Castle in the Sky walking around the streets of Osaka! | Culture

The Difficulty of Recreating Anime with Cosplay

17d ago - Cosplay is often concerned with bringing characters to life in our three dimensional world. One g... | Culture
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