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Geek It! Spotlight: Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions (Sydney)

6h ago - POKEMON SYMPHONIC EVOLUTIONS is the ultimate geek event in recent times, giving Pokemon fans (old... | Culture

Need Fashion Tips? Watch Sailor Moon

1d 13h ago - Brian Ashcraft of Kotaku: I’m not talking about when Usagi and her friends transform into Sailor... | Culture

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

As The Gods Will - Review [SnapThirty]

1d 18h ago - Kane Bugeja writes: Life…can be boring sometimes, let’s not kid ourselves. Between work, or st... | Culture

As “Geek” Culture Assimilates, “Otaku” Remain Outcasts

4d ago - Do you know? Do you know? Have you heard the news? “Geek” is now “mainstream.” Several of the... | Culture

Diversity and Cosplay Q&A with Ashphord Jacoway

7d ago - Richard of gets in a Q&A session with Cosplay personality Ashphord Jacoway, a member... | Culture

Athletic otaku runs marathon in impressive time while cosplaying as anime magical girl 【Photos】

8d ago - When running a full marathon, you want to make sure you’re outfitted with the proper equipment, l... | Culture

What Makes an Anime Worth Purchasing? | Thisvthattv

10d ago - What makes an anime worth purchasing? As a collector of anime, you’d think that this is something... | Culture

Final Fantasy fan art with a Western touch creates illustrations just right for any Disney fan

11d ago - Just as languages around the world are each unique yet beautiful, art has also developed its own... | Culture

Is Anime a Bad Art Form? | Attack on Anime Podcast

13d ago - Episode #13: We discuss a controversial scene in Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, Netfli... | Culture

Manga Creators Share Their Beloved Cats in New Book

13d ago - Many popular manga creators and anime industry professionals share a love for cats. Horror mangak... | Culture

Subway-riding Pikachu displays terrifying Pokémon power/hidden limb

14d ago - This is why the Pokémon Company won’t sell you a full-size Pikachu costume. Every summer, ther... | Culture

My Date With the Shoujo Genre | Thisvthattv

16d ago - Has there ever been a particular genre of anime that you’ve been hesitant to watch, for whatever... | Culture

"Heroine Shikkaku" Becomes Top-Grossing Shoujo Manga Adaptation Film of the Year

19d ago - The live-action film adaptation of Momoko Kouda's Heroine Shikkaku (No Longer Heroine) shoujo man... | Culture

Pixcelation: Otaku Obentou #5 - Mekakucity Actors

19d ago - Pixcelation says: "At first glance, Mekakucity Actors is a valiant attempt at creating a linear n... | Culture

Stunning multimedia project "nowisee" asks the meaning of life

19d ago - The new cross-content project, nowisee, (pronounced "noise"), is aimed at young people, asking th... | Culture

500 Type Eva Cafe releases exclusive lineup of Evangelion-themed meals, sweets and drinks

19d ago - November 7 means two things to Evangelion fans in Japan: the awesome Eva-themed bullet train make... | Culture

First Look at the Ghost in the Shell Theatrical Play

19d ago - While the Hollywood Ghost in the Shell movie with Scarlett Johansson lurches forward, a new GiTS... | Culture

No One-Punch Man Cosplay Will Ever Top This

20d ago - It’s impossible. This is the best that there ever will be. Promise. Here, we have cosplayer Sl... | Culture

Red Bull Flugtag Competition Dumps Gundam Into Kobe's Harbor

20d ago - Every year the Red Bull Flugtag tasks amateur flight enthusiasts to create their own human-powere... | Culture

We track down the stunning Ghibli-like waterfall made famous online | Rocker News 24

20d ago - There are many well-known areas of beauty all around Japan, but sometimes you stumble upon someth... | Culture

See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

Japan Post gets moe fever with 2016 anime-fied New Year’s postcards

20d ago - If you thought having to send a couple of Christmas cards to close friends and far-flung cousins... | Culture

The Ghibli that no one knows: former animator’s book offers inside look into famed anime studio

20d ago - Studio Ghibli’s animated works have won acclaim around the world, and we’re sure many of our read... | Culture

SoCal’s Akihabara Expo canceled due to allegations of CEO misusing funds

20d ago - Nerd Reactor writes: "There was controversy surrounding Akihabara Expo, the convention trying to... | Culture

Answerman - Why Don't I Find Anime Comedies Funny?

20d ago - One reader wonders why he can't connect with anime comedy the same way so many other fans seem to. | Culture

Japanese tourist center asks small-penised travelers to not make a mess in the bathroom

20d ago - While Japan’s highest mountain itself is the primary attraction, it’s not the only thing to see i... | Culture
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