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Shattered Expectations | Thisvthattv

1d 8h ago - Have you ever had your expectations set so high by an anime, only to have them ruthlessly destroy... | Culture

Answerman - Why Do Guys In Yaoi Claim To Be Straight?

7d ago - Justin navigates some of the fantasies and realities of the way men behave in yaoi manga and douj... | Culture

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

ANNCast Episode 250 - Outlaw Star

9d ago - Zac, Hope and special guest Karl Olson reach into the pantheon of Toonami classics and return wit... | Culture

Shelf Life - Turn A Gundam: The Movies

11d ago - "I got buried under a landslide of teenage nostalgia last week. First Sentai Filmworks announced... | Culture

SnapCast Episode 49 - Ultimate AMV Song

14d ago - In this shorter episode, the guys ponder the variety that dwells within the AMV th... | Culture

Why Watch Anime?

15d ago - What is the value in watching anime? | Culture

[Spoilers] Noragami: A Prayer for Forgotten Gods

21d ago - "Yato is relatively unknown deity, or kami. He wears a track suit scrounged from a discarded bag... | Culture

7 Ways That Dragonball Super Can Be Super

24d ago - Dragonball Super has been a rollercoaster in terms of quality and action. Are there any ways to m... | Culture

Scottish Fold Manju is the definition of too cute to eat!

28d ago - Scottish Fold Manju was created as a collaboration between Animal Hyakka, a company focused on an... | Culture

Shelf Life - "Fairy Complex"

29d ago - Paul Jensen: "A new anime season is getting started, but you wouldn't know if from looking at my... | Culture

Crazy clothes, car accidents, and bungie jumping: The 2016 “Coming of Age Day” round-up

29d ago - Coming of Age day is a huge deal for young adults in Japan, which means insane clothes, cars, and... | Culture

Kyoto shrine goes full otaku with original moe priestess charms, smartphone cases【Pics】

30d ago - Shrines and temples in Japan are no strangers to merch. Along with the usual prayer tablets and m... | Culture

Answerman - Did Westerners Always Call It Anime?

30d ago - Justin Sevakis: "Back in the early days of VHS anime releases (the early 90s), there wasn't a goo... | Culture

No-Face has apparently moved to Aomori and taken up playing tsugaru-jamisen on the street

30d ago - Famed Ghibli character apparently couldn’t cut it making movies, seems to have resorted to buskin... | Culture

Anime Withdrawal | Thisvthattv

30d ago - Have you ever just stopped watching anime for some reason? Not because you were “burned out” or a... | Culture

SnapCast Episode 47 - Crotchular Suplexery

31d ago - With special guest Jahan rounding out the council, the guys delve into the untapped goldmine that... | Culture

Don't Worry, a Real Dragon Ball Space Pod Didn't Just Crash in Vietnam

31d ago - Kotaku: Phew! I know, you might’ve have been so worried. But I’m here to tell you to relax. So, R... | Culture

Becoming the Robot: how Shogo MAD immaculately captures mecha anime's essence

33d ago - In the early 2000s, the Japanese government started to evaluate the value of the country’s popula... | Culture

Friezas continue their yearly tradition of cheering on runners in Japan’s New Year’s relay race

34d ago - It seems we just can’t ring in the new year anymore without this cheering squad of Friezas! Is th... | Culture

Rocket News 24: The 5 weirdest niche interest comics we picked up at Comiket 89

34d ago - Comiket isn’t just about anime—it caters to hardcore otaku of all varieties, as we quickly discov... | Culture

Hayao Miyazaki has no idea that his anime keeps setting Twitter records, Ghibli producer says

34d ago - Hayao Miyazaki is responsible for one of the biggest social media trends in the world, but one of... | Culture

Universal's Evangelion Attraction Ad Unveils Original Design for Eva-04

35d ago - Universal Studios Japan began streaming a new promotional video for its upcoming Evangelion attra... | Culture

Toxicity in the Anime Fandom [SnapThirty]

40d ago - Baz writes: "Fanbases truly are a wonderful thing. They help to make a show bigger and better,... | Culture

Answerman - Do Japanese Students Really Go On Huge School Trips?

41d ago - In anime, high school kids go on lavish school trips overnight as a school function. Is that real... | Culture

Exclusive Interview – Marissa from MTV’s True Life: I’m Living Anime!

47d ago - On the show MTV True Life: I'm Living Anime, Marissa was depicted as an obsessed anime fan that w... | Culture
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