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Chris Sabat Talks Favorite Dragon Ball Z Films, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Voice Criticism & More

160d ago - JM: During the week of New York Comic-con, I got to speak with Chris Sabat - the voice of Vegeta... | Anime

ShonenGameZ Interview With The Voice Actors For Goku and Vegeta About Gaming and Battle of Gods

167d ago - Sean Schemmel (Goku) and Chris Sabat (Vegeta) were asked a few questions about what their favorit... | Gaming

Battle of Gods English Dub Releasing on Home Video 10/7

218d ago - FUNimation has announced that the English dub of DBZ Battle of Gods will be releasing on home vid... | Anime

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Coming Back to Theaters Due to Popular Demand

227d ago - Junkie Monkeys: It appears that the great and almighty Shenron has granted many Dragon Ball Z fan... | Anime

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Battle of Gods English Dub Now Showing

233d ago - Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods is now showing in select theaters throughout North America from now... | Anime

Madman to Screen Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods This Month

238d ago - Madman has announced that the new Dragon Ball Z movie, “Battle of Gods”, will screen across Austr... | Anime

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Gets New “Trailer”

240d ago - Kane Bugeja of SnapThirty writes: People say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…... | Anime

Battle of Gods Home Release in the UK

250d ago - Manga UK has announced the home release of Battle of Gods for the UK, December 10th. | Anime

Christopher Sabat Addresses Complaining Fans About Vegeta Voice Change

252d ago - Junkie Monkeys: Christopher Sabat is known as one of Dragon Ball Z’s finest voice actors; he has... | Anime

Battle of Gods US Premiere Coverage

266d ago - Come check out coverage of the US premiere of FUNimation's Battle of Gods! | Anime

Over 300 Theaters Will Show Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods

267d ago - Junkie Monkeys: In case you’ve been living under a rock, FUNimation has finally revealed over 300... | Anime

Full English Cast List for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Revealed

280d ago - Junkie Monkeys:Recently the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods theatrical trailer was released! Along... | Anime

FUNimation Dubbing Extended Cut of Battle of Gods

281d ago - Sean Schemmel has been posting status updates on his dub for the new Dragon Ball Z movie, Battle... | Anime

DBZ Battle of Gods US Premiere on July 3rd

287d ago - FUNimation Entertainment announces LA Red Carpet Premiere of "Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods". | Anime

Battle of Gods Coming to America

301d ago - It has finally been announced! The new DBZ movie comes to the United States and Canada this August. | Anime

Battle of Gods coming to America

368d ago - During Anime Japan a special panel was displayed showing the countries that have licensed the new... | Anime

New Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods Intro

369d ago - The new DBZ movie Battle of Gods just premiered in Japan and it contained additional scenes not s... | Anime

Battle of Gods TV Run Time with new footage

371d ago - Toei Animation confirmed TV version of Battle of Gods to run longer than the theatrical version. | Anime

“Battle of Gods” Japanese TV Broadcast to Contain Extra Scenes

385d ago - While we know plenty of material Akira Toriyama had originally suggested for the film never made... | Anime

“Battle of Gods” Coming to Japanese PlayStation Network

467d ago - Sony announced in an e-mail and blog post to members this morning that the new film Dragon Ball Z... | Anime

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Translations: Dec. 2013 “V-Jump” & “Battle of Gods” Interviews

471d ago - Despite us still getting around to digging into this month’s issue of V-Jump, we find ourselves s... | Culture

First Int’l Home Release of “Battle of Gods” Available in Hong Kong

487d ago - The first international home video release of the new film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is avail... | Anime

Madman Entertainment Announce Acquisition of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

552d ago - Australian anime publisher Madman Entertainment have this afternoon announced their acquisition o... | Anime

Battle of Gods to Screen at Japanese Film Festival [Capsule Computeres]

556d ago - The highly anticipated film DragonBall Z: Battle of Gods will be shown at the Japanese Film Festi... | Anime

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods Earns 2.9 Billion Yen

585d ago - Toei reported that Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods had already earned 2.9 billion yen (about US$30... | Anime
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