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Naruto 671 - Prediction, Discussion and Spoiler

117d ago - WARNING CONTAINS HEAVY SPOILER "Naruto 671 is the next exciting chapter in Nar... | Manga

Naruto 670: Madara vs Gai Continues, Naturo Finally Awakened

122d ago - WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD "Naruto 670 is just around the corner and we are very e... | Manga

Top 10 Anime Songs

124d ago - Ever find yourself watching Anime when all of a sudden a kick-ass tune pops up? Of course you hav... | Anime

Naruto 669 – Red Beast Gai (Predictions / Discussions)

131d ago - WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD - "Naruto 669 is the next exciting chapter in Naruto Sh... | Manga

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One Piece, Naruto Led the Way in Manga Sales Last Week, Bleach #6

133d ago - One Piece had estimated sales of over 2 million copies, while Naruto exceeded 741K and Bleach pas... | Gaming

Toonami Ratings for March 1st, 2014

138d ago - How did this weeks ratings do? Want to know how they compare to last year? Click here for the lat... | Culture

Naruto 667: Gai vs Madara – Will Gai Use 8 Gates Forbidden Technique? (Predictions)

145d ago - "Naruto 667 is just around the corner guys, and I’m pretty sure we are all exc... | Manga

Toonami Ratings For Feburary 22nd, 2014

148d ago - Saturday night’s TOONAMI presentation of One Piece (1 a.m.) grew average delivery of adults and m... | Culture

Naruto Manga Volume 68 Cover Released

148d ago - It features Naruto with Rin, young Kakashi, and young Obito up front | Manga

Naruto 665 – Rikudou Madara, Black Zetsu, Kakashi and Sasuke Predictions

157d ago - "Naruto 665 is the next most awaited Naruto Shippuden manga chapter to be rele... | Manga

Fandom Fusion: Anime + Hip-Hop/Rap

161d ago - Good afternoon lovers of anime. This post is a bit special because it illustrates my love for hip... | Culture

New York Times Best Seller Manga List Released

164d ago - GamerFitnation: The New York Times have released their Best Seller Manga list, see what series ar... | Manga

Naruto Chapter 664 – Madara vs Kakashi Predictions

165d ago - WARNING CONTAINS HEAVY SPOILER: Whatswithjeff - "Naruto chapter 664 is the next most awaited Naru... | Manga

Naruto 633 Live Discussion/Review | Sleeping Geeks

168d ago - A Team of Geeks at Sleeping Geeks, consisting of HauntingLime (Faraz), UnlimitedResolve (Tai) and... | Manga

Masashi Kishimoto Spends 135 Minutes Per Naruto Page

170d ago - He spends 90 minutes to pencil and 45 minutes to an hour to ink. That means it takes around 36 ho... | Manga

Manga Creator Masashi Kishimoto Sketches Naruto in Video

171d ago - Mangaka Masashi Kishimoto drawing Naruto Uzumaki. | Manga

Naruto Manga on Break Kishimoto's Father passed away

181d ago - On 18th January 2014 Kishimoto Father Passed away, Naruto Manga will be on hiatus until the 11th... | Manga

Naruto Manga 661 Review and Predicitions

188d ago - Best Manga chapter after holidays. Madara and Tobirama who never liked each other once again cros... | Manga

Naruto’s Apartment Has a Value of $100K

196d ago - In the assessment location, size, and comparable properties were looked at. | Anime

Shonen Showdown 12-29-2013

205d ago - Japanator recaps the latest in Shonen manga and anime, including Hunter x Hunter episode 110, Ble... | Culture

Naruto Manga Ending in 2014 – Maybe, Maybe Not!

209d ago - Saiyan Island: Masashi Kishimoto said he might not be at Jump Festa next year, not that Naruto is... | Manga

Kishimoto: Naruto Will End in 2014

214d ago - Shocking news from Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto himself! Among other things, he has c... | Manga

Deck out your smart phone display with Bleach and Naruto

216d ago - Kristina Pino of Japanator writes: "VIZ Media have announced that starting Monday, December 23... | Anime

Twists Of Fate In Anime:Who Are They?

219d ago - "In anime we often come across characters who at first seem very evil or very good based on thei... | Anime

Shonen Showdown 12-7-2013

228d ago - Japanator recaps the latest in Shonen manga and anime, including episode 341 of Naruto Shippuden,... | Culture


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