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One Piece Episode #683 Anime Review | Fandom Post

1h ago - The next threat reveals itself, squeakily. What They Say: Robin, Usopp, the Tontattas and the... | Anime

‘One Piece’ Anime Being Considered For Broadcast Dub Initiative

4d ago - With a lot of shows being brought out now as part of the Broadcast Dub initiative from FUNimation... | Anime

One Piece Episode #682 Anime Review | Fandom Post

8d ago - The tide begins to change direction. What They Say: Doflamingo and Fujitora’s agreement to no... | Anime

One Piece Episode #681 Anime Review | Fandom Post

20d ago - Doflamingo’s plan goes into full effect. What They Say: As the people of Dressrosa see their... | Anime

Filmwatch Contest Details

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One Piece Season 6 Part 3 Anime DVD Review | Fandom Post

21d ago - Time is running out as sunrise is about to hit and the shadows are going to become permanent.... | Anime

One Piece Episode #680 Anime Review | Fandom Post

28d ago - Doflamingo changes the stakes. What They Say: The mystery of Doflamingo’s return from the dead... | Anime

Top 10 Anime Characters Who Wield the Power of Ice

33d ago - There are many anime characters around that have unique special abilities to fight or defend them... | Anime

One Piece Season 5 Part 6 Anime DVD Review | Fandom Post

33d ago - Say hello to Thousand Sunny! What They Say: The latest adventure kicks off with a battle betw... | Anime

Top 10 Anime Characters to Wield the Power of Fire

34d ago - In anime, there are a lot of powerful characters who have unique special abilities. Fire users ha... | Anime

Top 10 Annoying Characters in Anime

34d ago - If you’re an anime fan/lover like myself, you most definitely have come across some characters in... | Anime

One Piece Episode #679 Anime Review | Fandom Post

35d ago - Would someone put Usopp down already? What They Say: Luffy hurries to free Law, but with thei... | Anime

One Piece Episode #678 Anime Review | Fandom Post

42d ago - Sabo makes his move! What They Say: Kyros finally taking down Doflamingo leaves Doflamingo’s... | Anime

One Piece Season 6 Part 2 Anime DVD Review | Fandom Post

44d ago - It’s lonely without a shadow. What They Say: Luffy’s impulsive attack on Gecko Moria ends up co... | Anime

One Piece Online Goes Closed Beta

47d ago - One Piece Online faithfully reproduces the most popular characters from the franchise TV show and... | Gaming

One Piece Episode #677 Anime Review | Fandom Post

49d ago - A game changing moment! What They Say: Usopp manages to knock Sugar out and Operation SOP is... | Anime

Top-Selling Manga in Japan by Volume: 2014

59d ago - 4 One Piece books, 9 Attack on Titan books, 5 Naruto books, 2 Kimi ni Todoke books, 3 Silver Spoo... | Anime

One Piece Collection 8 UK Anime DVD Review | Fandom Post

59d ago - Very similar to the recent Naruto set, but in reverse, it starts with the finale of the main Ener... | Anime

One Piece Episode #676 Anime Review | Fandom Post

64d ago - Kyros’ path continues to be a dark and sad one. What They Say: In the Royal Palace, Viola, Lu... | Anime

Shonen Jump Update: One Piece Characters Invade A "New World"

69d ago - So now that most of the gaming news for the week is done, we thought we'd slow down to share some... | Gaming

One Piece Season 6 Voyage 2 Review | Moar Powah

69d ago - One Piece is a highly popular anime, and much of its appeal comes from the exceptional character... | Anime

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One Piece Episode #675 Anime Review | Fandom Post

70d ago - The exploration of Kyros provides us our true hero of the arc. What They Say: The deep and tr... | Anime

“One Piece: Episode of Chopper” Film Gets A New 2014 Edition

78d ago - Back in 2008, a film based on the One Piece series known as “One Piece: Episode of Chopper” was r... | Anime

One Piece Episode #674 Anime Review | Fandom Post

78d ago - How much can one little Tontatta put up with? What They Say: With the Tontattas beaten, Robin t... | Anime

One Piece Goes On A 1 Week Hiatus

84d ago - Shueisha have revealed that Eiichiro Oda has decided to put his One Piece Manga series on hiatus... | Manga

Shueisha reveals One Piece: Volume 76 Cover

84d ago - Manga Volume 76 cover of One Piece has been revealed today by Shueisha! Volume 76 will consist of... | Manga
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