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Is It Worth The Hype? Weekday Afternoons, It’s All About TOONAMI!

There’s this robot, and a spaceship, and kick ass cartoons and anime. You remember Toonami, right?

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Lord_Sloth2183d ago

I do. And Cowboy Bebop was never a part of it. None of the shows they're airing were.

Flavor2183d ago

The problem is that there is no new anime content available. More specifically, no content appropriate for American anime fans. The production quality has declined to abyssal levels, and most of the disgusting 'moe' garbage will never fly. The anime bubble burst due to an entire generation looking at anime as a free entitlement.

vakarian752143d ago

cowboy bebop was a part of it cause i remember right after that it would give rurouni kenshin.