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The Desks of the Creators Behind Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece

Kishimoto, Kubo, and Oda's work desks.

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tayz1767d ago

kishis desk is the best

Lavalamp1767d ago

Nah, too clean. Messiness is a sign of being a genius, so Oda's takes the cake.

tayz1766d ago

it means he is unorganized and can't keep his thoughts straight. that is why it is going to take oda another 10 years to finish the story.

grahf1765d ago

Tayz... what you fail to realize is that's what we're all hoping for! 10 more years? Yes please!

He just better lay off the cigarettes... No dying on us Oda!

FlashXIII1766d ago

Wow there is a huge difference between Kishi's and the rest lol.. fair play to the guy.

r211765d ago

Wow, Oda's desk looks messy and busy as hell and the man behind hitman reborn! likes gorillaz, sweet :D

ApolloTheBoss1765d ago

FYI: Hitman Reborn's creator is a woman. Akira Amano.

r211765d ago

really? did not know that. thanks for clarifying things up man. its awesome that she likes Gorillaz, they are an awesome band :D

D3mons0ul1765d ago

Oda....what the fuck are ya doing?! THAT'S DISGUSTING

Simon_Brezhnev1764d ago

Well he does put the most material in his work out of all the Jump series. I dont care how messy it is as long as he keep putting out quality entertainment. lol

kevinsheeks1765d ago

Oda desk looks like it has its own evil presence >.<

nilamo1765d ago

Wow Hideaki Sorachi, needs to buy himself a new chair.