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Viz to Launch 24-Hour Anime Service on Major Game Console

Viz Media is announcing on Wednesday that it will launch Neon Alley, a 24-hour anime service on a major game console to be revealed later. The service will debut this fall and will be available in the United States and Canada.

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TheColbertinator2127d ago

Sounds like a horrible idea to me.

tayz2127d ago

agreed. nobody pays for anime

Kurylo3d2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

i do, for netflix for the anime. If this allows me to watch whatever episode whenever i want.. im down with it. But im done with tv with waiting for a certain time to see a show. cable television is a thing of the past for me. To hell with commercial breaks.

SynGamer2127d ago

If it's the PS3, I'm game. Still waiting for FUNimation to expand their Elite service to consoles/streaming devices...hopefully soon.

Kurylo3d2127d ago

Whats funimation elite service?

Lavalamp2127d ago

A subscription to Funimation's content. It lets you stream more of their shows (in HD/commercial-free) and provides early access to dubs.

SynGamer2126d ago

And best of all (for me at least), almost all of it is dubbed :D

Kurylo3d2126d ago

Can i stream whatever episode i want? whenever i want? like a netflix type of thing?

iamlegend99992127d ago

They need to get the funimation unlimited on consoles. Where you pay 9 bucks(i think) to watch unlimited dubbed and subbed episodes and watch some of the new anime releases before there released

pompombrum2127d ago

Typical.. available in US and Canada.

hazelamy2127d ago

us and canada only, shocker. o_O

still on my ps3 i can watch a load of anime for free through funimation's youtube channel, even in the uk.

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