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Gameplay Videos for Dragon Ball Z HD Collection

From the 2012 Japan Expo in Paris, France come the first gameplay videos of Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection.

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tayz1753d ago

*facepalm* this game looks terrible! No online all expectations back to 0. dbz games should done.

koga881752d ago

It just has no place in general at this point. While most HD collections actually feature different storylines and a number of other upgrades from past titles, the DBZ series has always been rather mundane with updates.

Most likely this is the reason as to why the company didn't even include the second title, so that gamers wouldn't see the only new things were more random fighters tagged into an already explained storyline.

tayz1752d ago

Dude you are so right!! lol, I don't even know why they included Budokai 1! They left out 2, so they should have just left out 1 as well. It should have just been Budokai 3 with online, "remastered" gfx, and trophy support.

ABizzel11752d ago

Honestly it should have been Budokai 3, Shin Budokai 2, and DBZ Infinite World, with online.

TimelessDbz1752d ago

Im going have to say Burst limit does not compare to the budokai style just because that my punches and kicks are separate so its not button mash fest like burst limit and especially that awful tenkaichi series. My only complaint is there is no online and i did like the feature in budokai 2 where you tag in characters when the fusion capsule was equip.

gam3fr33k1751d ago

Should be budokai 3 and tenkaichi