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Welcome to the NHK! Anime Review, a serving of Nihilistic attitude- [AnimeToxin]

Satou Tatsuhiro, 22 years old, thinks that everything that happens around him is a conspiracy. He even figured out who is behind it all: The NHK, an evil secret company. "When you think anime, you think otaku.

When you think otaku, you think people that dislike other people. Those people become hikikomori.

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myps42055d ago

This was such a Bizrre yet totally Original Anime. Hats off to the Creators.

ps4me2055d ago

Is this Anime based on a Manga or a Visual Novel.?

wishingW3L2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Not manga nor a visual novel, the anime is based on a novel. And they censored tons of stuff because in the novel the protagonist is a drug addict and a bit more crazy.

geniusgamerdoc2055d ago

Never imagined a Story based on NEET would be so enthralling!!!

ps4me2055d ago Show
Simon_Brezhnev2055d ago

I tried watching this. I cut it off in the middle of the 1st episode. I guess its not something i like.

pompombrum2054d ago

Definitely in my top 10 animes.