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Top 5 Most Pitiful Anime Characters

Deluscar: "Have you ever seen an anime character who had sacrificed so much, and in the end, he didn’t even gain much? The kind of characters we can relate to, and sympathize them, to their very souls. Below are my top five most pitiable anime characters. Major spoilers up ahead."

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iamlegend99992092d ago

If this guy is calling itachi pitiful. He needs help

Simon_Brezhnev2092d ago

Yeah Itachi is not pitiful he knew damn well what he was getting into. The list is meh.

Xof2091d ago

He's not. He just doesn't know what words mean. He's using 'pitiful,' and 'pitiable' interchangeably (two words that mean two different things) because, apparently, his vocabulary lacks the word "empathetic," because that's what he's really talking about.

Words: they mean things.

Gekko2091d ago

I would've put Light Yagami in there. He was a honors student, with the looks and brains to boot. If it wasn't for the death note he would've probably lived a successful life as well.

Unfortunately, the death note got the better of him and he got crazy and mad with power.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2091d ago

No, he was genuinely messed up and did everything in his own self-interest alone.

If I would put anyone there I would put pretty much all of the shinsengumi for Hakuōki Hekketsu-roku/Reimeiroku.
Reason being(SPOILERS)

all of the main characters fought and died for a cause that ultimately fell through because, well they all died(as per history) and their side lost the war as well.

ExCest2091d ago

Man, Guilty Crown and Clannad characters are uber pitiful.

Shinji is just a puss.