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Toki to Towa given a promotional shower mini-game

In what may be the biggest free fan-service promotion ever, Imageepoch has launched a browser based Shower Time with Toki mini-game.

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koga881933d ago

Wow well... they couldn't put much fan service in the game itself so they are promoting it with this instead? Nearly impossible to beat anyways, but I suppose if you really want to see it you'll find a way.

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masterabbott1933d ago

yes shower games are the best!

Bimkoblerutso1932d ago I have this one shower game, where I run my hand through my hair and get a bunch of stray hairs and then try to stick as much of it to the wall as I can. I'm really good at it. My girlfriend agrees, too. I am very good at it.

RurouniKaze1932d ago

its freakin impossible I can barely get past the 3rd heart , I will prolly run it with an autp c;ick program - its the only way.

koga881932d ago

If you allow the game access to your Twitter it allows you to continue from where you left off. Though it is worth noting that it tweets every time you have to start over, so may want to go into your feed and delete those after you finish the game.