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Manga That Need More Love


Have you ever seen obscure or not so famous titles that you feel deserving more? I definitely do. I know that there is no accounting for taste, but it is a bit lonely to like something that so few people know, let alone be a fan of.

In addition, manga is definitely a diverse medium aimed to a wider demography than children and teens. Thus, there are titles that may not cater to the mass but definitely worth reading.

Thus, the purpose of this lens is to get the word out for the mangas that I think should be more loved. Of course it is personal opinion, and it may be my bias that these titles seem to be so under-loved in my eyes, but I do think that you too will like these mangas. Also please feel free to nominate the manga that you feel underloved here.

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koga882061d ago

Ha, no just no. Those all look like things that would never even spark the smallest interest in me outside of Nurarihyon.

Simon_Brezhnev2059d ago

I use to like Kekkaishi but im pretty pissed off about Nurarihyon. I dont want it to send so soon. I guess the 1st season of the anime turned people off because the second season was that good.

r212059d ago

I used to read Kekkaishi then suddenly just gave up on me. Maybe I'll go back to it and out of all those, the last got me interested, what with the art style.

Qrphe2058d ago

Maybe I'd try the first one, but most of the rest are just shoujos.

hkgamer2059d ago

Kinda dry list to be honest, but each has their own opinions I guess.

The mangas I tend to like are kinda seninen-ish.
Not in any particular order but I think these mangas below are great and probably deserve more attention then they do.
I am a Hero
Waga na wa Umishi
Wolf Guy
Giant Killing

I know Pluto is kinda popular, but I haven't really heard of any of those mangas before and I think they are great and deserve alot more attention.