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I.G, Yuasa Offer More Kick-Heart Anime as Fundraising Goals

"The people behind the proposed Kick-Heart anime project are offering to make a second short film and even a feature film — if the project reaches two new, higher fundraising targets on the Kickstarter website. Director Masaaki Yuasa (Kaiba, Mind Game, The Tatami Galaxy) and the anime studio Production I.G are already planning to make a 10-minute love story about two wrestlers if they raise US$150,000 by October 31.

If the fundraising reaches the new "stretch goal" of US$400,000, the team will create a second 10-minute companion Kick-Heart short film. If US$1,000,000 is raised, Production I.G will create a Kick-Heart feature film. The team acknowledges, "This is a very ambitious goal, but if fans really want to make a crowd-funded feature animated film, we thought we would provide the option." All backers who pledged US$15 will receive any additional anime made. "

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