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Azeriraz writes: "To me, all original anime are like Christmas presents. I’m not talking about the ones when your older and you know what you’re getting but rather the ones when you still believe in the existence of Santa Clause; you wish for something but you don’t really know that you’ll get it until it arrives. If you compare K to a Christmas present, it’s just downright confusing. All the previews out there stripped it of most of its mystery and all the hype just made everyone else want it, making you wonder if you’d even want it as a present. I sure wouldn’t understand the hype of getting any product from a lesser known company but somehow everyone wanted it.

Alas yesterday was the day I opened my present and straight away started to play with it, and what do you know? I’m not bored straight away."

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deep_fried_bum_cake2022d ago

Good to hear that it's made a promising start. I look forward to watching the first episode.

This is one of those animes where I have it down as something to watch, although I have no idea why. I know little about this but I'm still excited for it.

Simon_Brezhnev2021d ago

Just so you know this is probably the best animation i seen in anime in a long ass time. Its an eye candy. The quality is just that good it surpasses a lot of anime movies/ovas. I just hope there is no BL's in it.

Instigator2021d ago

I just watched it and I have to second that: This one was beautifully made. If they keep this up then, depending on how the story goes this may become one of my favorite shows this season.