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Top 20 Essential Anime

Serdar Yegulalp writes: "Here's a list of anime — both shows and movies — that make up the "core curriculum" for an anime watcher. Some are newer than others, some long-running while others only lasted a few episodes ... but all are crucial in some way, and all are a terrific viewing experience." (Akira, Anime, Cowboy Bebop, Naruto)

ExCest  +   957d ago
Clannad. Steins;Gate. Guilty Crown. Fate Stay/Night and Zero. Nichijou. Nichibros. Toradora. Nodame Cantabile. Natsume. Penguindrum. Gosick. FLCL. I can just go on.

EDIT: I missed Madoka even though that's my avatar!
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MEsoJD  +   957d ago
Guilty Crown... really?
ExCest  +   957d ago
I liked the show a lot. I can see why people were disappointed but the intense feeling of emptiness was actually enjoyable. It was a while since I had such an intense feeling (good or bad) from watching anime.
ikkokucrisis  +   957d ago
I love this post! Let me add some more that are worth checking out:

Gurren Lagann
X'amd Lost Memories
Bubblegum Crisis
thorstein  +   957d ago
To the List above:

1) Gundam Wing (my fav of all the Gundam)
2) G-Force Guardians of Space (I am biased because of Nostalgia)
3) Voltron.

Again, all of the above were amongst my childhood Saturday Morning lineup so I am biased towards them.
MEsoJD  +   957d ago
The show was way too hyped for me, but to each his own. Anywhoo I like the majority of those anime you listed.
Cobberwebb  +   957d ago
Man I find these lists pointless. It's down to personal tastes at the end of the day.

Madoka was a massive surprise for me. I'm not a 'magical girl' anime person but I couldn't ignore the hype so gave it a watch. Great anime in my opinion.
Arnagrim  +   957d ago
Naruto over Evangelion and Ghost in the Shell?
KwietStorm  +   957d ago
lol no comment is even needed
Greyslash  +   957d ago
No Darker than Black?
wishingW3L  +   957d ago
no Berserk!
b163o1  +   957d ago
I just seen that Neon Alley was adding Berserk at the end of this month, It looks good, definitely checking it out. Also just started watching Blue Exorcist, first episode was good, looking forward to the next one.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   957d ago
Spirited away should be higher on the list.
aiBreeze  +   957d ago
Too many well known ones imho and a good few of which I don't think belong there. As others said though, it's down to personal preference. Would love to see a few different anime lists.. like how about 20 recommendations for completely different animes? Or top 20 thought provoking animes or top 20 moving animes. Or even top 20 mature animes. Too many times these lists just derail with too many Shounen which while great, are very casual watching and lack the substance many great animes have that never get a mention.
Xof  +   957d ago
Wow. I disagree with almost all of those. ESPECIALLY the shows that are so inferior to the manga they're based on--like One Piece, RuroKen--or just plain awful, like Bleach.

I mean, goddamn, it's clear that whoever wrote this isn't really familiar with anime at all, and just tossed some titles he or she had heard of as "classics" to the list along side the few titles he or she had seen.
Instigator  +   957d ago
The keyword is "core curriculum". Of course the majority of the list will be made up of "the classics", because those are the titles that makes up the back bone of an anime watcher's résumé. These aren't what mr. Yegulalp considers to be the best shows, which is actually quite different from this list: http://anime.about.com/od/t...

From what I've read by this guy it's clear that he's got more clue than the average anime watcher.
Xof  +   957d ago
Er... actually, only a minority of the shows on that list are classics. Being popular isn't the same thing.

Classic anime is stuff like Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, SDF Macross, and Mobile Suit Gundam... and stuff like Gineiden, AzuDai, 12K, etc.
Instigator  +   957d ago
I don't consider most of them to be classics, but it's the word you chose so it's the one I went with.
cpayne93  +   957d ago
Gurren lagann, clannad, death note, and GTO have been some of my favorites.
rataranian  +   957d ago
I can do without all the Shonen Jump ones.
rataranian  +   957d ago
And...no Trigun? Hellsing? ugh. kill this list now.
RockmanII7  +   957d ago
No love for Clannad/After Story? There's a reason why it's ranked in the Top 5 anime ever on both AnimeNewsNetwork and on MyAnimeList. Only other series you can say that about are Steins;Gate and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Speaking on that, why have Fullmetal Alchemist instead of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood? I thought it was universally accepted that Brotherhood was the superior of the two.
TongkatAli  +   957d ago
Outlaw Star
ninjahunter  +   957d ago
Im no expert on anime, Heck ive only gone through a few series, but Bleach doesnt seem like it should be on this list. Its not particularly good. In my opinion,
danthebios  +   957d ago
Steins Gate
GrumpyOla  +   957d ago
My Favorite is Shiki. I loved every moment of it.
krazykombatant  +   957d ago
Where the hell is Baccano!?!?!?
sikbeta  +   957d ago
*Cowboy Bebop
*GiTS [manga > movie]
*Samurai X
*School Rumble XD
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hkgamer  +   957d ago
manga>anime/movie for most of that list.
Moncole  +   957d ago
One Piece, FMA BH and Fairy Tail. N
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mamotte  +   957d ago
"essential"? nah

It's just a list of "anime everybody knows", but essentials? I've seen better.
hkgamer  +   957d ago
It's hardly an essentials list.
If I made a top 20 list i wouldn't have too many shounen jump anime in the list.
I love them but they are plagued with fillers and some of them are just too similar.

Steins;Gate is one of the newer animes I have seen recently and loved it.

Berserk and hajime no ippo... only seen bits of the anime but if it is anything like the manga then these two should be amazing.

any episodes or movies of Lupin III should be on the list.

forgot to mention Love Hina and kimegure orange road. Two classics that deserves to be mentioned.
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TheColbertinator  +   957d ago
Needs Claymore.

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