Orlando Anime Club Member Reported Missing

A member of an anime club in Orlando, Florida, has been reported as missing to local authorities. She was last seen in downtown Orlando on September 26.

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adorie1561d ago

I hope she's alright! Florida is crazy.

Dogswithguns1561d ago

Oh no.. I hope she's okay.

Axecution1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

She was found

"Lisa Smith: thx everyone and im sry for having everyone so worried. imma be going uphill now its been hard and i kno i have a ways to go but im finally taking steps towards something better"

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Axecution1560d ago

@Legion and Flavor:


Bubbled down for immaturity. I think that was actually possibly the least funny thing i've ever read. Like it's actually sort of shocking how not funny that was. It's like you're trying to be the internet class clown by being offensive, but you've spent too much time by yourself at recess to actually know how to make jokes.
Basically If Nicolas Cage made actual comedy movies you would be him