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Anime Fans These Days Are Too Damned Spoiled

Richard Eisenbeis:

When I left America seven years ago, I couldn't even imagine the idea of free streaming video on the internet—much less free streaming anime, subtitled in English, and simulcast with the episode's Japanese airing. So as I've gotten more and more back into anime, I've been surprised by hatred of some fans for sites like Crunchyroll, Viz Media, or Hulu.

This hatred sends my mind reeling. How could anyone complain about getting their anime free and translated on the same day as it airs in Japan? And when people cite having to watch commercials—like every TV show that goes on the air—as rationale for pirating instead, I am completely dumbfounded.

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koga882019d ago

This guy reads like a grandfather complaining about how kids these days don't know how the dark ages were or something. He barely even makes a point to say why people are spoiled or the reasons why some would avoid streaming sites. While in America a lot of streaming options are available, the same can't be said for other nations. FUNimation's streams are almost always region locked to the USA for example. Or that Crunchyroll never translates opening and ending songs.

That being said, the amount of streaming anime from these sites is certainly increasing and making it easier to simply watch online rather than pirate.

Xof2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

He seems to be criticizing how anime fans bitch and moan about getting free fansubs within hours/days of airing in Japan. So he's bitching and moaning about that, while at the same time mustering as much of a pretense as he can.

I've been around for 7 years. I've been around for 14 years. Longer. And this is nothing new. Many a fansubber has quit the game entirely due to the asinine, juvenille comments of the 'customers.' If a section of fandom treats fellow fans with that level of disdain, why would anyone expect them to be any kinder to official license-holders? Particularly when official subs are quite often inferior to fansubs?

It's a silly non-issue. It'd be like me hopping up on a box here and bemoaning about how terribly racist the United States suddenly became after Obama was elected in 2008.

wishingW3L2019d ago

sorry for clicking disagree, it was meant to be an agree!