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Bleach #511 "Die Standing" Review - The Nerd Cabinet

The Nerd Cabinet's own Joey Hancock gives his views on the latest chapter of Bleach and he finds it brilliant!

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Qrphe2076d ago

Good night sweet prince


Saviior952076d ago

It almost had me in tears :( Its like a world renown figure has died.

Simon_Brezhnev2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

Yeah i read it but what had me surprised i wonder who that was at the end. They had to be pretty powerful to suprise Juhabach. I think its Unohana retsu at the end.

shadowraiden2076d ago

nah can see it being Ichigo he was the only one Juhabach is scared off because hes a unknown quantity.

would be nice to see the rest fight that we havnt yet like unohana and if they do show the division zero will it be members that have been mentioned before other then hiyori in the flashback.

the big thing i still want explaining is ichigo's dad hes of captain class yet soul society dont have a clue who he is so was he a member of division zero at some point.

Simon_Brezhnev2076d ago

I hope its not Ichigo i mean come on its somebody that respects the captain a lot. They probably exploded when he got killed.

VitaOwner2076d ago

I can't wait to see who Hiyori's previous captain was before leaving to Division Zero. Heck, I can't wait to see everyone in Division Zero. Im also dying to see Unohana fight. Based on the official stats, she is crazy strong but has only done healing. Hopefully, she decides to put aside her medic role and starts massacring people.

Simon_Brezhnev2076d ago

Yeah i really believe she got some godly powers. Its funny you never saw her took out her blade. I'm starting to wonder who she really is. I dont trust that fake sick captain though.

Saviior952076d ago

Im thinking that it is going to be someone like, Ishida, thats who it should be as he has had no part in this arc and to be honest i bet alot of it revolves around him :L

Simon_Brezhnev2075d ago

Probably him and his dad you see he didnt want to help Ichigo.

Saviior952075d ago

Would people like this as a weekly review? as i can get them too you each wednesday :D