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The Top Moments in Anime


Everyone has that those moments in anime that just make a show for you. Sometimes it can just turn around an entire show for you or other times turn it into an instant favorite. As such here are my top moments in all of anime. There are many other great moments I didn’t include but these stand out from the rest to me.

On a brief side note I did not include any Ranka Lee moments on this list because I plan to create a separate list for her alone. If she were to be on this list this list would be mostly Ranka. I also didn’t include any comedy this time around, maybe in a future post I will do a comedy moments but I find it incredibly hard to pick my favorite funny moments from the rest.

I didn’t rank these because it was just impossible to do so but I do have a preference for the moments at the top of my list over the lower half. I don’t think I have to say it but will anyways that this is personal opinion, an unbiased top list would be an incredibly difficult an...

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Xof2017d ago

Agree on all of 'em.

Beyond that, I'd say the Char/Amuro/Lalah three-way in Mobile Suit Gundam, The whole first two episodes of SDF Macross, The last episode in the Oodo arc in VOTOMs, and the scene in Azudai when they finally get to the beach house after enduring Yukari's crazy driving, only for tomo to grab the key to the house and throw it into the woods.

And, uh, yeah: Goku going SSJ. I mean, come on.