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Black ☆ Rock Shooter Review | Capsule Computers

Luke Halliday writes:

"How do you translate a music video into an anime series? This is the task that Black ☆ Rock Shooter had to take on and it does a decent effort in making that transition. While it’s origins are rooted firmly in another medium altogether, becoming an anime series doesn’t seem too big a stretch given the origin (Vocaloid).

Like most adaptations though, there is always going to be some liberties taken with the source material, especially when that source material is a mere music video. Black ☆ Rock Shooter is an ambitious project, but does it ultimately manage to work as an anime series or does it flounder under the weight of the little content to draw from?"

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masterabbott2075d ago

true i have to agree with the crazy looking dude here

futurefrog2075d ago

i think this series tried to do too many things and didnt come together at all

Simon_Brezhnev2074d ago

I tried it and dropped it. I tried the series and the ova it was just crap to me.

crxss2075d ago

at first i read the title as Black ☆ Rack Shooter. was expecting the Soul Eater star to be hitting on girls

TPAB2070d ago

I like the series. it was a bit better than the OVA at least.