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Bleach Chapter #512 “Everything but the Rain” Review – The Nerd Cabinet

Joey Hancock of The Nerd Cabinet reviews Bleach Chapter #512

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Simon_Brezhnev2075d ago

I loved the art in this chapter but i didnt like it was Ichigo. I hope you cover Toriko this weak. I wont spoil it for nobody just know it has the most shocking ending in a shounen that i can think of.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2075d ago

Epic set up. Byakuya of all people threw away his pride and askedichigo for help. I still wanted to see who saved Urahara and how Ichigo escaped. I still assume its Grimmjaw.

crxss2075d ago

Grimmjow lololol. It was clearly just Ichigo alone

Myst2075d ago

The chapter just seemed waaay too short this time around felt like I didn't read anything but, I will admit it made me look forward to next week's.

Saviior952074d ago

If you ask me i think the idea of Grimmjow saving Ichigo would be awesome :)