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Dream Eater Merry Review | Capsule Computers

"Yumeji is just a normal guy with the unique ability to see the kinds of dreams other people are going to have, but his world is changed when he meets Merry Nightmare, a dream spirit from another world. This other world is the Dream World and she is looking for a way to return there." - Capsule Computers

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futurefrog2009d ago

I'm curious what this is about. Hope its not just some lolicon anime

koga882009d ago

What? No? There's no lolicon thing anywhere in this. If you want that go watch kodomo no jikan or something. Everyone's highschool age and up or a fantastical creature.

koga882009d ago

Those are some dinky looking screenshots man. I enjoyed the anime the first time I watched it, until the last few episodes which quickly went downhill. Plus, after reading the manga, this anime original ending is just terrible.