Japanese Fans Name The Fall Anime That They Dropped After One Episode

Now, you can debate whether or not it is fair to drop an anime series after just one episode, but pretty much everyone does it. In a new Biglobe Anime Ranking poll, almost seven thousand otaku named the fall 2012 anime series that they dropped after one episode.

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koga882070d ago

I disagree with #2 on the list, but I definitely agree with #1. To Love Ru Darkness has to be the most disappointing show this entire season simply because of the excessive censorship. When they have entire scenes of a show covered in white light, showing maybe... 10% of normal animation. It is ridiculous. Blu-ray milking has gone too far on this one.

Simon_Brezhnev2070d ago

I dropped 2,3,4,8,9, and 20.

Lavalamp2069d ago

In the same way Koga is 'The Shinbun Ecchi Lover', I'd consider you 'The Shinbun Anime Dropper'. You don't mess around when it comes to leaving shows by the wayside ;)

Simon_Brezhnev2069d ago

LOL, its a lot of reasons i dropped them. I'll name a few one of them got that incest crap its been done way too many times. K got that yaoi going on.

I wonder which system you got blazblue on. LOL

Simon_Brezhnev2069d ago

i just now notice after 1 episode. Well some of them i dropped after 3 episodes.

DivineHand1252070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

Currently watching 9(Busou Shinki), 15(Hayate the Combat Butler - Can't Take My Eyes Off You), 18(Blast of Tempest), 20(Psycho-Pass), 28(BTOOOM! & Bakuman 3), 31(Code:Breaker), 35(Robotics;Notes) and i plan on watching all of them to the end.

So far the only ones i have dropped is 11(Chūnibyō Demo Koi ga Shitai!) because it had alot of hype going into the air date and some idiot thought it would be a good idea to waste people's time on 5 minute episodes. Please note that it also has an OP and ED song. Both are squeezed into the 5 minutes. Also Ebiten, can't comment why since it was so bad but all I remember is that it was a show that would appeal to idiots.

koga882070d ago

I have a feeling you are thinking about the Lite series which is also being released at the same time. The lite versions are only 5 minutes long and I believe they cover how the kids were back in middle school. There is a full series of Chunibyo at the same time which lasts 25 minutes and is actually quite good.


i have my own issue with # 15 Hayate , Why not continue on with the story on how he got his powers and introduce his 1st girlfriend Athena( it gets really good into developing a great back story as well an amazing surprise about an air headed girl meeting him). it's still good since i've been keeping up with the manga after the show season 2

DivineHand1252063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

I agree with you 100% and I have a few issues with it. I haven't read the manga so I'm having a hard time keeping up with some of the characters that have been introduced after the last season ended.

I wish they continued doing what they doing with the previous season instead of trying to fix what wasn't broking and the only thing I would change is to get rid of the tiger, the narrator and maybe the old butler.

CrescentFang2070d ago

Dropped JoJo? It's just number 6 and noting real exciting has happened yet, so understandable

deep_fried_bum_cake2069d ago

I haven't dropped anything yet, though I'm only watching 5 from the list. I haven't started robotics;notes though, which I had intended to do.

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