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IGN: The Anime We’d Love to Play

IGN: "Anime and video game culture blend so naturally, everything else in the known universe feels forced. Overstatement? Absolutely. But such is the way of anime life: exaggeration, excess, and the absurd. Japanese animation is no longer a hushed habit but a true, global phenomenon. And popular anime leaps into the realm of video games with alarming frequency. With so many giant robots, magic spells, and beautiful characters -- that inflict tremendous blows to our self-esteem (Only sometimes!) -- anime films and television shows make perfect games.

The anime greats, like Trigun, Evangelion, and Cowboy Bebop, have already enjoyed video game adaptations -- even though we gamers in the west rarely get them. So we hunted for a small set of anime that never went interactive. See below for a collection of spell-slinging, gun-toting, blood-sucking, time-jumping anime that would suit the video game lifestyle with ease.

Don your plugsuits -- this is serious business."

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