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5 Better Wishes Madoka Could Have Made Instead

Moar Powah: "When it rains blasphemy, it pours. Cause yes, I am actually writing this article. Here’s the thing – the last thing was all about Kyuubey and some of the stuff I mentioned was about basically not knowing some stuff, plot holes, and some crazy theories. This has to do with better solutions to the ending of the show. Does that mean I hate the ending presented? No, it was beautiful and symbolic and lovely, it was a very fitting end to the entire tragedy, and it felt like something. But I do recognize that if we are talking WITHIN the Madoka universe, there were many, many better wishes she could have made that would have made instead, so let’s take a look at what exactly could be fixed about the end to one of the most popular series of the decade. (WARNING: Like the last one, this article is crammed full of spoilers)"

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