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Anime Thrills: Meet filler’s dumber cousin

Michael Kateregga:

Now, I may have come off as overly negative in my dissection of the filler element in anime, but the fact is I would be willing to tolerate this flavour of filler, as opposed to its much dumber cousin – what I would call canon filler.

Canon filler is written by the original author, but has no bearing on the overall storyline of the anime/manga, and merely serves to create a break in between (usually) heavy material. And there is no other word I could use to refer to this kind of lame excuse of an entertainment medium other than stupid.

Canon filler attempts to introduce an air of comedy and cheer to an otherwise gloom filled arc. This usually involves changing the setting of the original story to a much more fun filled environment. The most common plot finds the cast heading to the beach for a day of fun and sun. This usually leads to a collection of less than amusing scenarios that see the protagonist indulge in a number of activities that can only go wr...

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