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Gintama Ep. 256: The Meaning of a Main Character

Oprainfall writes: "Shonen Jump, the magazine in which Gintama was originally issued, has three core words that define the psychology and content of the publication and its series. One of these words is friendship, and this week Gintama radiates companionship so intensely I think I may be developing some kind of friendly radiation sickness. This episode gives me emotional love-cancer, and I mean that in the warmest possible way. The alpha-decay of camaraderie already began at the end of the last episode, and as the arrogant and increasingly evil Kintoki raises his sword against his “former” comrades the “nuclear” reaction of brotherhood spread amongst the residents of Kabukicho –effectively turning the entire town against him. Even when the copycat antagonist brainwashes everyone again, Gintoki’s closest friends still keep their memories thanks to their immense bonds of friendship. It may be corny, and it may not make complete sense plot-wise, but Sorachi’s optimistic depiction of friendship moves me and puts a wide smile on my face. Who would be so cynical as to ask for anything else?"

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