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Latest Dead or Alive 5 costume DLC takes the girls back to school

Tecmo Koei has released a third set of costume DLC for Dead or Alive 5 including school uniforms, gym uniforms and a second special set of outfits.

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masterabbott2057d ago

Love those outfits! especially these new ones just released!

koga882057d ago

While I'm glad that they are releasing more outfits for the characters, a number of these are old ones that were included before for free. Nearly all of those school uniforms are classic outfits that were always in the past Dead or Alive's and Leifang's leather outfit is also an old one. I'm glad Mila got a new costume though, she's my second main outside of Tina.

AAACE52057d ago

I think all of them were free in past games. I was thinking of picking this up but will probably wait a while if they are doing this.