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Review: Shakugan no Shana Season One | Japanator

Pedro Cortes writes: "When I think of tsundere, the voice of Rie Kugimiya springs to mind. That lady has done some of the most famous bitchy girls in anime history, all within a relatively short span of time. One of the most popular of these girls is Shana, the titular character from Shakugan no Shana. Based off a series of light novels about a fiery little girl that fights demons with the help of a high school student, Shakugan no Shana spawned three popular shows and proved to be a merchandise juggernaut for a while.

The first season of Shana was originally licensed by Geneon back in 2006, so you can guess that it's been a bit difficult to get your hands on it for the last several years. When it seemed that we wouldn't be getting another crack at Shana here in the states, Funimation came in and rescued the license. Along with the recently completed third series, they also picked the movie, the OVAs, the second season and the original. So now that you can easily get your hands on the first season of Shana, how does it hold up? Well, hit the jump and find out!"

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