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Dragon Ball Z HD Collection Unboxing, Opening, Gameplay

Saiyan Island: "Dragon Ball Z HD Collection is now out in Europe and will be officially available for purchase on November 6th in North America. Some of you may be curious on what the game looks like from the inside out. Below are videos of a Dragon Ball Z HD Collection unboxing, along with the opening menu, opening animation for Budokai 3, and gameplay." (Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection, Gaming)

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tayz  +   1196d ago
no online = no get for me. i am disappoint in Namco Bandai
Treian  +   1195d ago
stop going on every post for this game and saying: "no online=no buy." You are just trolling.
yaz288  +   1196d ago
I will buy this for budkai 1 .. fucking love it!! for the story - graphics- and easily the best soundtrack in all the dbz games .. oh the excitement

I remember how shocking it was when I discovered that the mystriouse yellow haired guy who appear in .... was goku !!super sayin (when this game came out they were just airing dragonball on tv)
this was so much better than the anime for me

I hope it have the japaness voice option

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