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10 Strange Anime You Would Never Have Thought of


Anyone that watches anime can tell you that it can be about anything, and when I say anything, I really mean it. Just to show you what I mean, I have compiled a list of 10 anime that I’m sure no one (or at least very few people) would have thought of unless they were drunk or high.

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ExCest2020d ago

I thought of some of the shows before and I was never drunk or high. Guess I'm just a genius *retarded smirk*

hazelamy2020d ago

i knew there was some pretty out there anime, but i didn't expect some of that stuff.

koga882020d ago

Hahahaha as soon as I saw that image I knew Akikan would be on here. Talk about a strange premise for a show, girls that are aluminum or steel cans and have to fight each other to show which one is superior. Didn't even know they made a sleeping with Hinako thing after those ridiculous work out videos.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2020d ago

I want Toriko on list. A manga based around food but to the Extreme.