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Dead or Alive 5′s sexy swimsuit collection released as DLC

Tecmo Koei has released the special Collector's Edition and pre-order bonus swimsuits for Dead or Alive 5 as DLC.

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koga881985d ago

Well I figured that this would be the case eventually. If they didn't release as paid DLC it would be like they hated money or something. These DLC packs will probably pull in the most out of the rest of the packages very easily, going to buy the whole set myself right now actually.

futurefrog1985d ago

It makes sense, you gotta love these sexy DLC, unless your gay then you probably dont care, but as a man this is arrousing

LinkageAX1984d ago

Who doesn't love sexy DLC?

koga881984d ago

Yeah they know where their fan base lies. While the game has a tight control scheme and combat it also has plenty of fan service to go along with it. They need to have plenty of sexy outfits to go with that camera mechanic...

futurefrog1985d ago

I love these DLC packs, they really are great fan-service. Love it!