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New One Piece Film Z Trailer

The Yahoo! Movies Japan website began streaming the full 106-second trailer for the upcoming One Piece Film Z on Friday. The trailer features the songs "Bad Reputation" and "How You Remind Me" by Canadian singer Avril Lavigne. The trailer also introduces the new character Ein, who is voiced by singer and actress Ryoko Shinohara (Street Fighter II: The Movie, Kyōfu no Kyō-chan).

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iChii2013d ago

Looks pretty good! Can someone explain to me what a "Cannon" movie is and how is it related to Anime? Thank you.

AznGaara2013d ago

When something is "canon" it means its an official part of the story. In this case it isn't related to the anime but the manga. Mangas are the "canon" and most of their anime counterparts add story arcs or episodes not included in the manga (for example the Episode of Goku and Picolo learning how to drive in Dragon Ball Z) and those are called fillers.

Unless specified by the creator himself/herself, additions in the anime or movies are not 'canon'. Oda, the creator of One Piece, said this is 'canon' so its an official part of the One Piece story just like Movie 10 titled "Strong World" was 'canon', taking place between Water 7 and Thriller Bark arc.

AznGaara2013d ago

I meant to say it took place AFTER the Thriller Bark arc,

iChii2013d ago

Oh, I understand now! Thank you so much mate. I was reading some comments on a blog and they were all saying "This movie is canon" So I'm like what the hell is Canon? But thank you so much man, now I understand :) I didn't know Strong world was related to the story tho so thanks for that too.