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10 Most Common Japanese Brands Spotted In Anime

Despite owing its conception to the American studio Disney anime is a full-fledged Japanese medium. As such it often mirrors the life style of the common Japanese person, and that includes his or her commercial items of choice. It's easier to show a known brand that every Japanese person can relate to than invent new names for drinks or stores in every show so brands tend to appear quite often in anime. Relatively few series will feature brands with their name unaltered but those with a keen eye can always spot the brands being referenced. Here is a list of the 10 most common Japanese brands spotted in anime.

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RockmanII72012d ago

Code Geass alone could have warranted a spot for Pizza Hut.

EyesAblaze2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Wait...I thought Code geass was a 50+ episode anime about pizza hut

Xof2012d ago

The second series certainly proved it wasn't about anything like a plot or characters.

CrescentFang2012d ago

An informative and interesting read. Thanks!

kingrj2011d ago

I've seen blu ray a lot cause sony sponsers a bunch of anime but the rest I've never heard of