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Naruto, Bleach, One Piece Manga to Have Simultaneous Release in North America, Japan

Latest Naruto, Bleach, One Piece manga Chapters will be released in USA the same day as Japan. (Bleach, Manga, Naruto, One Piece, Shonen Jump Alpha)

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tayz  +   856d ago
they would still be late. manga comes out online 5 days before it comes out in Japan.
Archaic  +   855d ago
I think we can agree that this is an unprecedented move however. Practically simultaneous releases through Crunchyroll had a massive impact, and have resulted in higher revenues for the production companies.

Having said that, I forsee this having a reduced effect compared to Crunchyroll, for the same reason that online streaming has yet to eliminate fansubs. Namely, that the content is limited to specific geographic regions. While that can be bypassed through various means (of grey legality in some countries, completely legal for me here in Australia), the pain in the arse of having to do that can and does drive people into the arms of rip groups.
tayz  +   855d ago
Yup, I agree with everything except the Crunchyroll part. Aren't they international? I heard that anybody can stream from them around the world.

But yea for manga I 100% agree. If they stop limiting it to a certain geography and expand it to the world, that will be huge for them. It doesn't make sense why they do that. I bet it actually ends up taking additional money to make a website that is geographically limited.

Also, if they go worldwide and shut down the illegal manga sites (there are really only 3-4 sites that really do scanlations. everybody else steals) and redirect those websites to their websites, they'd be drowning in $$$. I would pay if they did that.
Archaic  +   854d ago
Crunchyroll aren't 100% international. There are a number of series there which are geo-blocked outside of certain countries.

And yes, it does cost to geoblock something, though that is a relatively minimal cost in the scheme of things. The biggest cost isn't implementing the geoblock, it's the lost sales you're creating by forcing your customers into piracy.
Azurite  +   854d ago
Code Geass and now Hunter x Hunter isn't available in my area... no subscription for me.
kingrj  +   855d ago
Wow, this is great news! Should help the industry alot
tayz  +   855d ago
only if they do what i said above :)
Simon_Brezhnev  +   854d ago
I'm not surprised they finally realized if we dont get it the same time we will find some fansub site.
1Victor  +   854d ago
I'll buy the subscription just to help the mangakan but I'll keep reading the fan translations I'm reading now it will feel wrong when reading the changes in writing/translations stiles

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