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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods – New Scan Reveals Two Movie Exclusive Character Names

Two new scans reveal the name of the purple Anubis and blue faced character. (Anime, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods)

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tayz  +   1167d ago
lol the cats name is funny. "Bills" lol what?!
Xof  +   1167d ago
Bibidi, Babidi and Boo all had silly names. Taken from Disney's Cinderella of all things.

Cell had the most normal name.

All of the heroe names were puns--VegetaBLE, KaCARROT, Gohan=rice, Bulma=girls shorts, Briefs=mens shorts, Trunks=mens shorts, Freeza=freezer, etc., etc.

The only person with a "normal" name was Son Goku, and that's just because he shares the same name as Sun Wukong (Goku being the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese characters).
DeadManMcCarthy  +   1167d ago
Bills is kind of a cat name, so it makes sense why he's named that. He's probably that blue faced fellows pet of destruction.
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kingrj  +   1167d ago
Lol, that doesn't sound intimidating at all
tayz  +   1167d ago
i know! it should have been something like Xakuma or Xfuzen! Both those words (minus the X.. i think X makes it more badass) mean evil in Japanese.
Vandamme21  +   1167d ago
Can't wait..Goku is the man.
deep_fried_bum_cake  +   1167d ago
Why does Bills look like Babidi?
bwazy  +   1167d ago
Plot twist!
adorie  +   1167d ago
Um.. does Android18 or Buu sound intimidating? seriously.

get with it. -_-
TheFallenAngel  +   1167d ago
Dragon Ball Z: God of War
Goku vs Lord Kratos.
Deadpool616  +   1167d ago
Is this movie going to follow the same structure as the other movies? "If Goku can't defeat him! No one can!"
DarkBlood  +   1166d ago
i just disturbinly realize something and not in a good way either, gohan is not ultimate for whatever apparent reason and he wasnt in that nonsensical GT series which somehow corrects only him

oh god why did i think of that for o.o thats it im out *explodes marjin vegeta style* lol
Qrphe  +   1163d ago
They've always had weird names (DB characters).

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