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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods – New Scan Reveals Two Movie Exclusive Character Names

Two new scans reveal the name of the purple Anubis and blue faced character.

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tayz1250d ago

lol the cats name is funny. "Bills" lol what?!

Xof1250d ago

Bibidi, Babidi and Boo all had silly names. Taken from Disney's Cinderella of all things.

Cell had the most normal name.

All of the heroe names were puns--VegetaBLE, KaCARROT, Gohan=rice, Bulma=girls shorts, Briefs=mens shorts, Trunks=mens shorts, Freeza=freezer, etc., etc.

The only person with a "normal" name was Son Goku, and that's just because he shares the same name as Sun Wukong (Goku being the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese characters).

DeadManMcCarthy1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Bills is kind of a cat name, so it makes sense why he's named that. He's probably that blue faced fellows pet of destruction.

kingrj1250d ago

Lol, that doesn't sound intimidating at all

tayz1250d ago

i know! it should have been something like Xakuma or Xfuzen! Both those words (minus the X.. i think X makes it more badass) mean evil in Japanese.

Vandamme211250d ago

Can't wait..Goku is the man.

adorie1250d ago

Um.. does Android18 or Buu sound intimidating? seriously.

get with it. -_-

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