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Kuroko’s Basketball author to continue the series ‘no matter what’

Kuroko's Basketball author Tadatoshi Fujimaki has made a statement about the status of the manga in wake of the wave of threat letters.

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koga882028d ago

What surprises me at this point is the fact that no one has managed to catch the person sending them, unless now most of these threats are just people being copycats thanks to how much press this seems to be getting in the anime/manga world.

Simon_Brezhnev2025d ago

I know right this is pretty strange. I wonder if the big 3 authors got threats like this.

VitaOwner2022d ago

Do you know why the author is being threatened?

koga882022d ago

At first it seemed like the person was someone who had their life ruined by the author as the threats were pretty specific, however it seems that they have since then become less specific, most of the details about these threats are getting thinner.