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Top 20 Manga Series in 2012 Based on Sales

Japanese statistics company Oricon has revealed the best selling manga series of 2012

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tayz1999d ago

disappointed in japan. i never heard of the number 2 manga. it should be number 3... with naruto at 1 and op at 2!

CrescentFang1998d ago

What? You can't just judge that a manga you never heard of should be lower in sales. You've never heard of it, but clearly it is #2. Maybe it's telling you to go check it out? It is #2 in sales after all :D
I never heard of #19, but I might as well go check it out now that I know it's name...

tayz1998d ago

the anime ended a few months ago after just 5 months. it has to suck! or else the anime would have continued

Simon_Brezhnev1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

LOL dont be mad. Seems like Naruto sales are going down. I'm glad Space Brothers is doing good.

I do wish fairy tail wasnt that high. Mashima is the master troll he puts Kubo to shame in that department.

Tayz you must only watch like one type of anime. Kuroko's Basketball anime just ended a few months ago. Hell the author keeps getting death threats.

tayz1998d ago

i like fairy tail!

btw why is the basketball dude getting death threats? his manga was put too high on the list? hehehehe

DivineHand1251998d ago

How did Toriko out sell Bleach. They show the big 4 in the article thumb nail but its disappointing to see that those four aren't the top 4. Well at least one piece, Naruto and fairy tail are in the top 5.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1998d ago

Bleach only released 4 volumes this year. 2 of them being part of the fullbring arc. Also Vol 57 that came out Dec 4th in japan is not going to be counted as part of the list.

Simon_Brezhnev1998d ago

Toriko is actually been doing good for a while now. It's always in the top 10. I like Toriko more than Naruto and FT.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1998d ago

Kuroko's Basketball gonna have to check that out it dethroned Naruto as #2. Its pretty amazing HxH is #8 selling only 1 volume this year. FT is really only up there for fights and fan service because theres no way ppl are reading it for its "amazing story telling".

Simon_Brezhnev1998d ago

I know right the story is pure shit. Kuroko's anime is ok. Buzzer Beater and Slam Dunk are better basketball animes tbh.