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Viz discounts their entire digital manga library by 20% for the holidays

Viz Media has discounted their entire digital manga library by 20% for the holiday season.

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futurefrog1777d ago

this is awesome news, viz are finally starting to care about fans

SynGamer1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

What devices can these be read on?

EDIT: Added alternate link since the source isn't working.

koga881777d ago

It's working now it looks like, must have been down for a bit. And it looks like they can be read on any iOS device and most android supported phones and even the Kindle from the looks of it.

SynGamer1777d ago

Appears only the Kindle Fire. If this supported my Kindle 4th gen, I'd be sold.

ManDemon1777d ago

Was super excited when I first saw this, but then I saw it was digital only. I don't have any device for these and I much prefer physical copies, so no go for me. Oh well, still nice to see.