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Tales series sells 15 million units worldwide

Namco Bandai have revealed that after 17 years since the franchise’s inception in 1995 with Tales of Phantasia, the Tales franchise has now topped 15 million units sold worldwide.

This is a monumental landmark for Namco’s legendary RPG series and the number is only going to rise with the initial stats for Tales of Xillia 2 looking good with 480,000 units shipped since it’s launch on November 1st in Japan.

Considering that half of the games in the franchise were only ever released in Japan this is a very impressive number for the Tales franchise to have accrued throughout its history.

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LinkageAX1967d ago

Isn;t there like 30 of these? 15million sounds small.

futurefrog1967d ago

when you consider half of them never made it out of japan its an impressive number

ManDemon1966d ago

Good point, averaging a little less than a million copies per year is pretty good for how many were never released anyway else.

masterabbott1967d ago

15 million is quite a lot but i do have to agree, i thought they would of sold more.

futurefrog1967d ago

half of them never made it outside japan

Lavalamp1966d ago

Tales does pretty well for itself, and at this point, they're developing the games with a specific number of sales in mind. Sales have been pretty stable for several years - Xillia's explosion aside.