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Japanese Anime Fans Are Growing Tired Of These Tropes

The anime industry, while not as strong as it was back in 2004-2006, is still booming. During any given week, there will be between 30 to 50 series airing (not counting reruns) on TV, generally during the late hours of night. Most series run for about 11-13 episodes (A few will go between 24-26 episodes). This means that about every 3 months, a new batch of anime series will be released to the masses to be enjoyed, analyzed, scrutinized and occasionally revered.

With so many series cycling through, there are bound to be overlaps in theme or commonly used set pieces or plot points. Like the cute mascot. Almost every series has one. Why? Because the cute mascot is a trope that works. But enormous boobs and pretty boys? People are getting sick of that crap.

Still, too much of a good thing can turn people off and in a recent online poll, when people were asked what genres of anime they were tired of seeing, many were eager to voice their opinions. Here are the top 10 genres/tropes people are tired of seeing, with brief descriptions for those unfamiliar with these particular genre.

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KuroNeko1990d ago

Well, if those 10 genres were to be removed, what would be left? :)

Also, while I agree that the chuuni-anime can be quite tiring, I cannot see why Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai was the example. Although it definitely contains the mentioned chuuni, it is by far one of the better chuuni-anime out there.

Can't agree more on the Harem anime. Quite frankly, I hate them - or, I have come to hate them.

Simon_Brezhnev1990d ago

Yeah Chuunibyou Demo is pretty funny and i think its the first time i saw an anime in that genre. I didnt even know there was a chuuni anime genre.

Harem anime i can tolerate them sometimes but when they are bad as Infinite Statos i drop them. It's like every harem anime tries to be like Tenchi Muyo.